The Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal

The aim for this crowdfunding is to raise money allowing the books to be printed and then be distributed

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £60 with 3 supporters in 28 days


The aim for this crowdfunding is to raise money allowing the books to be printed and then be distributed to patients, schools, hospitals and institutes that deal with mental health issues.   

Mental health conditions can affect anyone at any time, including new mothers, children, teenagers, adults and older people. The chances are that you know someone who has experienced mental ill health.

The project is an activity book that aims to change the perspective of ones thoughts and behaviours. Many people in the UK suffer from many social and mental problems that lead to anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.


I have created a small book called 'The Gratitude Journal'. It’s an activity book created specifically to help you live more gratefully in your daily life. In this book you will find a mixture of inspirational quotes and writing prompts making this a very special activity book that can be used to enhance and grow your thankfulness every day.

This book will try to help people focus on things they are happy about allowing them to slowly get away from mental instabilities or negative thoughts. 

Inside of the book:


I have networked with some companies to help promote the book and mental health issues. is a registered charity in England (no. 219830) and a registered company (no. 424348) in England and Wales. They work to make sure nobody has to face a mental health problem alone. I am working as a volunteer with mind and with their material helping to raise awareness in schools and the pharmacies. Penny Appeal was set up in 2009 to provide poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa by offering water solutions, organising mass feedings, supporting orphan care and providing emergency food and medical aid

I have teamed up with penny appeal as a volunteer to raise awareness about mental health and as part of a charity winter campaign – half the money raised is to go back to campaigns such as women’s welfare, orphan children, education first for developing countries. This way the difficulty of facing mental issues in parts of the world where poverty can have a serious impact on the metal state of a human is slightly alleviated.

CPPE the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is part of the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry, within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester. They are a provider of educational solutions for the NHS pharmacy workforce across England to maximise its contribution to improving patient care.

As a pharmacist I have undergone training and used material from CPPE to promote a mental health campaign. CPPE has designed this campaign for pharmacy professionals to raise awareness of mental health conditions and show how the whole pharmacy team can help support people living with mental health conditions as part of routine practice. CPPE has also helped in raising Fitrah Designs profile by promoting ‘The Gratitude Journal’ across their website and social media platforms.

St Martin’s high school

Above is a link to a talk delivered at the school.

I have been working as a volunteer with the school to provide talks on gratitude and mental well being. Each student who attended the talk got a free copy of ‘The Gratitude Journal’ and the idea was to target the younger generation who may be going through issues and provide a tool to assist them to break free from having mental shackles.

For more information visit (under construction).


Name: Shabbir Mellick

Profession: Pharmacist

Aims: I have been working as a Pharmacist since 2012 and have a keen interest in mental health issues. As a pharmacist I advise the public about medicine and other health issues such as depression, addiction etc.

I have undertaken to put some of the methods I have learnt from my background in enjoyable books and journals to help tackle mental health issues. Having experienced the positive benefits of gratitude in my life, it seemed a natural fit to share this with others. Always on a path to help others first and foremost, Fitrah designs was formed, and we have been helping people ever since.

Please help me to achieve this target :) 

Thanks Shabbir

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