The Good Company

The Good Company

Help The Good Co. open our maiden site and breath a new era of service and experience into the East of England.

We did it!

On 22nd Oct 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days


Who are we?

The Good Co. is a business venture created by myself, Sam Good. It has always been a strong desire of mine since day dot of working in the hospitality industry to be my own boss. Don't we all? However since beginning my business planning several years ago, I developed a business idea that seperates ourselves from competitors and we are aiming to achieve our main objective of offering something new to the local area.

Sam - You will get my autobiography further down the page so I won't bore you to death yet so read on.

Chloe - The better half of me and my soon-to-be wife. She keeps me on the straight and narrow and without her I would be a lost sole wondering the world for some stability. She supports my burning desire to run my own business and keeps me grounded when I get a bit too excited. Perhaps without her, I would have jumped into something I would now be regretting. 

Jaxx - My future co-chef, (When I say future, he is only 8 months old but give us time). Jaxx completes our trio and I can't imagine life without him.  

We need your support and kind gestures to support our opening of The Good Co.'s first site in Colchester.  With your money, it will enable us to:

  • purchase the lease of our desired building and begin to transform a shell into a lounge.
  • Invest in equipment for the building
  • Invest in further funding grants and loans 

What your money will do?

  • £300 raised - This will allow us access to the UK Business Funding database for Government Grants and Loans. This is our way in to gaining further funding to hit the ground running for the business.
  • £1,500 raised - This will allow us to purchase a top-quality coffee machine. 
  • £5,000 raised - This will allow us to purchase furnishings for the restaurant.
  • £10,000 raised - Wow...if we lucky enough to raise this amount it would allow us to hit sufficient funding to purchase the lease or deposit for a freehold of a site that we have had our eye on for the past year. 

If for any reason The Good Co. are unable to open our first site then we will refund all money donated.

The site we want is in the prime location of North Hill in Colchester. Surrounded by students from Colchester Sixth Form, Colchester Institute and University of Essex we have picked this site as the perfect setting for our lounge but it is also a perfect location to attract our targets audience of students, businesses and shop goers. 

What do we offer?

We want to establish a well known brand of modern lounges where you can relax with your friends/family and take in our fresh locally sourced produce from an array of interesting boutique suppliers.

Throughout the day, our lounges will be a tranquil home for the coffee lovers, the food lovers and lovers of a good old read and relax. When the night time hits our wine bar will open displaying an array of new world wines from across the world giving you options you haven't had before. You can accompany this with our tapas/platter menu and lounge the night away with your friends/family.

But what makes us different?

The Good Co. see a gap in the market for the customer segmentation that just want to appreciate a coffee and fresh pastry whilst sitting back in a comfortable lounge chair alongside the customer who finishes work and wants to catch up with friends old and new over a drink and small bite to eat. All of our sites will have a section dedicated to our local supplier and producers around the local area where we will sell an array of food and drink items.

Are you a local supplier/producer interested in selling your produce? Contact us on

Why the time has come to open up shop?

Confiding in my former colleagues ,who have transformed my view on the industry into a love and passion, they have supported my plan and given me feedback on what the plan needs to succeed.

The start of my career in the was year 10 of my secondary school that I was fortunate enough to be put forward to have a business mentor. It was introduced to me that I was to have a local businessman who was going to support me in the ways of business and working (Due to my lack of interest in academic work, I first of all thought it was a way to shut me up). However, the day came and I was introduced to my business mentor, Harry Tilley. Harry and I met on occasions and discussed the route that I wanted to take after school and my future. At this point I was the single student in my year at The Harwich School who had aspiriations to become a chef and build a career in the hospitality industry. Harry recognised this and got me an interview to what was going to be my first ever job. To this day, I am still appreciative of what Harry done for me that day as it was the step that I need into the industry and it led me to my first ever job. It would be a pleasure if I am fortunate enough to return this favour to a  young aspiring student in the future.

So the interview went well and I got the job, I was introduced to the Owner /Proprietor of The Ship Restaurant in Harwich, James Sallows. James didn't have any vacancies going at the restaurant, he wasn't on the look-out for staff but he gave me a chance. He vowed to mentor me in the kitchen to learn more about cooking and the indsutry.  the kitchen no larger than 16m2, full of equipment, James (Owner) and me, the kitchen porter. I didn't know what hit me, the kitchen was hotter than a sauna and the shifts were full pace but I was in my element. I was able to observe an exceptional chef run a kitchen to a full restaurant all on his own. All fresh, locally sourced produce to a high standard. James  showed me the passion and skill that is needed to run a successful business. Transforming a former book store in the beautiful area of Old Harwich, James built what was to become the finest restaurant in the local area achieving a No.1 status on Trip Advisor for the town and having a spot in food and drink guides. James combined an outstanding technical ability when cooking with an open kitchen and the results kept the customers coming back. As the year's went by, my knowledge was improving and I progressed onto the front of house, eventually running shifts all week and supervising staff. Not enough young people are giving this opportunity and first step into the industry and I therefore couldnt see where my career would be today without it. 

After my next adventure which took me to the other side of the world, Australia! This is where my passion grew further and introduced me to some of the most talented chefs and restaurant managers that I have met. I travelled he east coast with friends until the life os a traveller was no longer an option due to insufficient funds. I called on a good friend of mine, Chris Turton, and he set me up with a job at Rick Steins single Australiam restaurant, Bannisters. A luxury hotel set on the east coast south of Sydney, customers travelled far and wide to come to this fine dining seafood restaurant. Silver service of food and drink, Wine, Coffee and Food training were a weekly occurance for all staff and I stil had the time for several games of golf a week...lets say I was in my element. 

Eventually moving on, I came across the beautiful city of Canberra. Living and working on a small vineyard in the Canberra wine region, I built a knowledge and love for the intricate detail and interest in wine. Whilst working/living at the vineyard, I took up a job in the Kitchen of Jai and Katie Dawson's, 'Flint in the Vines'. Working under head chef Christian Dalla Costa I was introduced to the fine specimen that is local produce and using this produce to create dishes that were executed perfectly.

More recently, I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to who is now a good friend of mine, Justin Osborn. I worked for his outside catering business 'Events Couture' on several occasions. Justin is an exceptionally talented chef who has the basics of food nailed down and puts every inch of knowledge and passion onto a plate that blows your mind. Justin catered at my Mothers wedding last year and as the food came out, the marquee went quiet. We are all so used to generic food that we just turn up, we eat and we go home. With Justin his food was a story and something that you didnt want to end, for that I thank Justin for teaching me the intricute detailing that is so important in creating a journey and experience for a customer as opposed to just a service. 

These are just a handful of the people that have transformed my appetite for starting my own business and I aim to use their influence to develop a well recognised brand in the East of England

Who are our inspirations?

Whilst living in Canberra, I was introduced to a selection of business that were exceptional. From coffee shops to restaurant. They all had something different to offer to other competitors and had their regular that kept their business running

Two before Ten

Flint in the Vines

Whilst travelling around Australia, I was introduced to the world of coffee. The passion theyhave out their food coffee is amazing and our campervan trip finished in the modern and trendy city of Melbourne, The Coffee Capital'. The city had a chilled vibe to it depite the ever moving people and businesses. Coffee was part of everyone's day, whether it was for communal purposes or caffeine purposes, it was an art and a regular occurance. 

Getting back from Australia, I continued my passion in the industry by continuing to research ways of working and updating myself on ever changing trends. Within this time, I read the Autobiography's of some big names that changed both my opinion of them and gave me inspriation to achieve. Marco Pierre-White is someone of whom I didn't know much background on, after reading his autobiography I was blown away with his beliefs and values alongside constant hardwork and persistance. The first ever chef to achieve 3 michelin star's in a restaurant...need I say more? Although I do not have the intentions of my restaurant achieving that fine dining standard, he achieved something that 99% of people said wasnt achievable. What isnt achievable nowadays? I am 23 years old and many may look at me and say I am too young but what is classed as too young? I  have been an NVQ Assessor for 2 and a half years training staff in the hospitality industry and I know I have the skills and knowledge to achieve so why not now? I have a burning desire to create and build a multi-site company that I can employ management to run and for me to oversee. 

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