The Good Cause quiz. raising money. Locally

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The Good Cause quiz. raising money. Locally

I Care about local community and the small, everyday fundraising, and good causes, that may get overlooked by the big lotto companies.

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This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 10:36am 6th September 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 10:36am 6th September 2018

I want to help local good causes, sports clubs, schools, and local charities close to the heart of local people. We aim to have a dedicated funding pot for every county in the UK that, people can access and apply for easily and quickly. 

I also see an opportunity to involve local businesses, by listing their services and offering their services as a prize. They will not be out of pocket, and people have the chance of winning a quality service. E.G a free haircut or a MOT at a local service centre. 

I have already invested heavily into this project. I have paid for the development of the website ', as well as creating the social media pages across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have also donated £500 to start the funding which is available. And I have provided 2 prizes of £100 to lucky winners. Domain, and registration fees with the 'Phone Standards Authority' to which I am regulated by. 

Social media can be a great platform for business, but it is also one of the least trusted. With fake news, scammers and false advertising it is incredibly hard to prove you are genuine. As we are. We are not out to hurt anyone or rip people off, we actually want to do some good. 

I do not have a bottomless pit of money, and I am struggling to do everything myself. With the right amount of funding I can bring others on board and I can advertise through local radio. Which is one of the most trusted sources of advertising. When this runs along side social media campaigns, it can be quite a powerful and trustworthy tool. 

The format is really simple. 

I publish or have a question read out through radio advertising, social media and the webpage. A question which is associated with the county it is raising money for. People are then able to text in their answer to our number 87070 for a chance of winning a prize. 20% of all profit is placed into our 'Funding Pot' as previously mentioned. 

Small weekly prizes are available online. These can be from local businesses, or tickets to local venues, gigs, shows and concerts. The main prize of e.g £500+ will be primarily for the radio adverts. 

In the next few months I want to roll out the concept to the 10 largest counties in the UK.  Followed by the remain 34 counties. However there is no time constraint and subject to funding we may be in a position to roll out country wide with a series of local radio adverts. 

If anybody has any questions or would like to know more then please get in touch. 

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