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This is a private fundraising page aimed at my Dad´s friends and family in order to by this loveliest of men a half decent birthday present!

by Mahatma Anandi Ji in Wedmore, England, United Kingdom

Joking aside, all of us who know my Dad know that he is really an amazing man. Me and Sam were always blessed to have a Dad who dispite being forgetful, genrally vague and prone to little lie downs, was always there for us in the most emotionally supportive and unconditionally loving way possible. 

Five years ago we wanted to celebrate Dad´s 60th birthday but things were pretty stressful and upsetting at that time and somehow Dad´s birthday got lost. Now he is turning 65 and I dont want him to get forgotten again. Obviously if I was a successful adult human being I would be able to buy the old man a big present all by myself but I am still just a bohemian lay about so this isnt going to be possible. And anyway it somehow feels more touching if we all come together to celebrate and appreciate the old bugger.

The last year has been intense and sad beyond belief but even in the darkest moments of grief Dad has been there with wisdom and silly jokes. He has also, rather magnificently, opened up his own life to knew adventures and opotunities and as you all know is now a fully signed up Yogi!  

As part of his new yoga lifestyle Dad has now recently got facinated by Gongs and has expressed a deep wish to have one! Yes I know he has finally surrendered and become the Indian Hippie he was always destined to be, and I for one am proud of him!

The thing is me and Dad have looked at Gongs and a good quality one with deep vibrating base is quite expensive. I have put 250 pounds as the goal because that is the price of one Dad saw in a shop and fell in love with, but if we cant stretch to that I am sure we will manage to find something a we bit cheaper. So every little donation helps!

With Love and Thanks to you all!

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