The GlenWyvis Open Share Offer

Your chance to part-own a Scottish Whisky Distillery!

£883,580 raised of £1,000,000 stretch target 88 %
1211 investors 96 days left

Community Share Project

New stretch target

Having raised £750,000 in just over a year, the world’s first 100% community-owned distillery, has set a new stretch target of £1 million to both meet demand from potential investors and to further reduce the need for commercial borrowing.

Building on the real market momentum created with the recent release of GlenWyvis GoodWill Scottish Gin, the distillery will now keep the share offer open – and aims to reach the new target by the end of 2018. The additional funding raised will also remove the need for a third share issue planned for 2020. Investment in the second share offer can be made via –and the GlenWyvis GoodWill Scottish Gin can be bought at

With more than 3,700 people from over 30 countries already investors, GlenWyvis hopes that the new target will see the total number of investors exceed 4,000. This is the spirit of dreams!


Your chance to part-own a Scottish Whisky Distillery!


This Open Share Offer is an opportunity for you to support the continued development of GlenWyvis Distillery Community Benefit Society and the local community of Dingwall. The primary reasons for bringing this share offer forward from 2019 as set out in the original business plan are as follows:

  • To meet the continuing demand for investment opportunities.
  • To accelerate our brand development plans.
  • To reduce commercial borrowing


About GlenWyvis

GlenWyvis Distillery Limited has been established as a Community Benefit Society for the specific purpose of owning and operating a community-owned whisky distillery and associated visitor centre to benefit the community of Dingwall. The distillery will produce high quality, craft Scottish whisky and craft gin, and together with a proposed visitor centre, will aim to benefit the local community by developing Dingwall into the leading Craft Distillery Town of Scotland, and a quality destination on the North Coast 500 tourist route. In 2016, the first share offer in GlenWyvis Distillery Limited raised a total of £2.6 million from some 2,200 investors towards anticipated costs of £3.8 million. With construction of the distillery now well underway – see our live updates – and the detailed costs more clearly established, the second Open Share Offer has been brought forward to open the door to a new audience.


This Open Share Offer is your opportunity to support the continued development of GlenWyvis Distillery and the local community of Dingwall. The primary reasons for bringing this planned share offer forward from 2019 are as follows:

  • To meet the continuing demand for investment opportunities

Since July 2016, we have received regular investment requests from the local area and beyond – both from 3480130f4cccf22c9f35ab90c125be73464b6cd3people want to invest for themselves and from others wanting to gift investment. We also anticipate increasing interest from visitors to Dingwall, and this open share issue is designed to address this demand with a tailored offer that will further increase membership of the Society.

  • To accelerate our brand development plans

In addition, funds raised from the open share issue will also help to accelerate the GlenWyvis brand development plans in line with feedback from our members in a recent survey. Over 50% of our members completed the survey and we are keen to act on their views. This will include making improvements to the brand and product sales and marketing strategy, bringing gin distilling into the Dingwall operation, and further development of the GlenWyvis visitor experience in and around Dingwall.

  • To reduce commercial borrowing

Following the success of the original share offer, the scale of the project increased. Commercial finance has been secured to ensure the project is delivered, but the funds raised through this share offer will help to reduce commercial lending – so that we pay the banks less interest and deliver on our community benefit remit sooner.

A detailed summary of the project to date – and the current project financing – can be read in the Open Share Offer prospectus. 

Some more background

The GlenWyvis Distillery project was initiated by John McKenzie in 2015 with the support of other key people in the wider community who gained funding for feasibility studies to find the most suitable site for a community-owned distillery in the Dingwall area. These studies resulted in a site being secured on a 175 year lease, with planning permission given for a craft distillery – and all environmental and distilling licenses in place. 

In April 2016, the GlenWyvis founders launched the biggest-ever community crowd-funding campaign in UK history. Like-minded people from Dingwall and beyond came together to invest in the project – all keen to be part of something truly historic. A total of £2.6 million was raised in just 77 days from more than 2,200 members, with over 60% of them from the local IV postcode area – and the remainder coming from a total of 31 countries worldwide.  

Following the detailed planning, design and costing phase, the construction of the new distillery commenced in January 2017. The stills and distilling equipment arrived in July and completion of the build phase is now scheduled for November 2017, with the first run of new make spirit following shortly after.

Situated high on a hill above Dingwall, GlenWyvis Distillery will be entirely powered by renewable energy, and as a Community Benefit Society, the aim is to take a lead role in the rejuvenation of Dingwall and the wider Highland community.



To say thank you for your investment, we will send you a rewards package along with your share certificate. We aim to post these items to you within 28 days of your investment. 


If you live outside the UK, please contact us to confirm if we can deliver alcohol to your country as part of our rewards scheme. 

GlenWyvis reserves the right to charge extra for postage outside of the UK. Investors will be contacted before rewards are sent out if a higher charge is needed to send to their address.

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