The Girls Club
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Girls Club - An empowerment programme offering young females workshops that will build their self esteem and self confidence.

by TREADS in Blandford Forum, England, United Kingdom

Treads is a successful advice and information centre for young people that has stayed relevant for over 20 years because it provides services and support that is specifically for young people . We work closely with many other organisations which enables us to provide the best possible support . The club is very relaxed , comfortable and a great place to socialise with new people in a safe , non judgemental and confidential environment.

Young females who come in to see us have suggested that they would like us to organise sessions that would help them enhance their social skills  and also cope with self esteem issues so that they can build their confidence. 


We are proposing to run a programme for ten participants consisting of eight weekly workshops with the aim of running four programmes each year and will invite guest speakers to come in a talk to the girls about Health relationships, Safe Internet use, Knife Crime, Hygiene, Yoga, Bullying, Substance misuse, Relaxation techniques and hold general Pamper sessions. Our focus will be on helping young people to work together and support each other and to develop friendships.


Despite our enthusiasm we have to run these courses, we know that to do them will cost money. We estimate that that our yearly expenses  for advertising, refreshments, materials , guest speaker expenses, heating and lighting, room hire and workshop handouts to be £5000. Fortunately we have already received pledges from two national businesses which provides £3000 but we still need the final £2000 to make this happen.