The Games Creche Games Exchange

The Games Creche Games Exchange

To create a computer games exchange system that works. Keeping the value of your games valuable by offering realistic exchange prices, and nil markup on the games you exchange to us.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Games Creche is now up and running, due to loads of requests we decided that it was best to launch with the funds we could find. Please check out the site for the games that are now available for you to exchange - next gen games coming soon after christmas -



Welcome to The Funding Page For The Games Creche

" I initially created the Games Creche to function as a bricks and mortar business offering a safe and secure gaming centre that would also incorporate the games exchange system. However due to unplanned relocation this idea had to be revised. The desire to provide a realistic games exchange system is still very much a reality and as such we have tailored our pitch to focus around this. "

Welcome to “The Games Crèche”

For too long gamers (myself included) have been ripped off when coming to part-exchange completed or unwanted games. if you are a gamer yourself our have purchased games for your children in the past then you will know the full extent of the cost of these games - and lets not forget £30 - £40 is at this current time IS a choice purchase.

The exchange system on the high street works along these lines - I paid £40 for the XBOX 360 title Call of Duty Ghosts on the day it was released (7 days ago at the time of writing) this game is now worth £15 cash or £22 trade in value! Therefor if i wish to take another title in exchange say Battlefield 4 i will pay an additional £20 (BF4 costs £42) in effect i have paid a total of £62 for BF4 as i now only have 1 game for my £62 spend - or i have paid £42 for BF4 and £20 to rent COD Ghosts for 7 days. Not really a good deal or giving me any value at all for my game?

Swapping the same games at the Games Creche would have cost £6 inc return p+p!

All too often our young gamers are trading in games for upwards of 30p to around £1.70 for games over a year old at some high street exchange shops - meaning they have to trade several games just to get another game of the same age...

Our system will ensure that a game fitting into a £10 or £30 category is offered for sale at that price - we dont mark up, the price you see is the price it is. As our system is focused around exchanging we can give your games the value they deserve. There is nothing more sickening than being offered £12 for a game only to see the pre-owned price being offered at £37!

This is not fair and needs to!

"..The Games Creche is designed to allow trading within a small price bracket making sure that everyone has the opportunity to build a personal games collection not constantly trade it all in to get the latest games.."

What Will The Funds Raised Be Used For?

The funding amount of £5000 is to be able to create a ready to go games librabry with a wide selection of computer games across various formats - including the next generation ones due in the coming weeks. Advertising will need to be inplace including local and national adverts in approprate magazines as well as promoting via a dedicated website. This site is now online to create awareness of the Games Creche.

In order to ensure that all games traded back to our customers are in pristine condition we are also investing in the latest disc cleaning equipment - we want our customers to be totally satisfied with our service and become repeating customers who look to us all the time to trade up their games. This service will also be offered as a stand alone service and generate additional income and will be discounted for members.

Real World Trading & Creating Employment

Early in 2014 I would like to move the Games Creche to a small high street outlet that will then create a Saturday job for a future school leaver. They will over a period of time become familiar with the process of dealing with orders both via mail order and through the door and once they leave school will move into full time employment this will then open up another opportunity for filling the Saturday job.

If the Games Creche grows as planned then extra dedicated staff will be taken to process disc repair, mail order packing and stock monitoring as and when required., initially a part time job will be created for a 16yr old Saturday job with the view to setting this person on full time when they leave school in May 2014. Hopefully by the begining of the New Year some premesis would be sourced and all operations moved there where the business can expand and trade via footfall through the door as well as continuing online - this would give an increased choice of games available to everyone.

Do I Know What I Am Talking About?

Yes. I have previous experience in the computer games market as ran a video & games rental store from 1995 to 2006, first intorducing the rental of Megadrive & SNES games and following with Playstation then PS2 & Xbox games. I have been a keen gamer myself since the good old Megadrive days and have at times had to exchange my games along the high street - feeling sick for days at the amunt of money i had just lost.

I understand about early adopting of new hardware the need to have the latest games, but more importantly I am a parent and understand the pressures that are regularly placed on parents becasue their child wants the latest games "like their friends have" when in reality its not financially viable for the rest of the family budget.

Thank you for your time in reading this and hopefully The Games Crèche can become a reality.