The Future Initiative

The Future Initiative

Local services and charities joining forces to improve life chances for local teenagers and their families.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Local services and charities in Cumbria have joined forces to improve life chances for our teenagers. Homelessness, domestic violence, unemployment, self harm, mental health problems and low confidence are at an all time high in Cumbria. Our mission is to work together to provide a holistic focus from getting our teens off the streets, boosting confidence and skills, help with finding employment, support to move on from domestic violence. We stand together as The Future Initiative to give our teenagers the lives they deserve.

Our aim is to raise £5000 this will not only increase awareness of The Future Initiative and what it can offer but support.

Night Stop (Shelter for homeless teenagers)

Laurus Consultancy (confidence, skill building and specialist domestic violence counselling for teenagers.)

Support with employment and training  (Inspira)

Education (Laurus Consultancy, Nacro and Dropzone.)

Skill Building (Project John)

Arbonne charitable trust (confidence building for teen girls.)

These are essential services but in order to go from the very beginning to the end outcomes we need urgent support. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.