Growing Meat Monsters Operation: The Full Monster!

by Monster In Chief in Ellon, Scotland, United Kingdom

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To GrOw our Smokehouse & BBQ business, add a fantastic all-weather outdoor eating & teaching space at our HQ & a 2nd Meat Monsters location.

by Monster In Chief in Ellon, Scotland, United Kingdom


Meat Monsters -   

Going The Full Monster

My name is Alistair (I'm the one on the left!) and I'm the founder and Monster In Chief at Meat Monsters Smokehouse & BBQ in Ellon, Aberdeenshire (ranked by TripAdvisor in the top 10% of recommended places to eat WORLDWIDE).  

My family and I are on a continuing mission to build and grow a local business which operates with a GENUINE conscience in terms of our impact on the planet and our fanatical support of local businesses, food producers and community.  

What's our project about?

Our crowdfunding project is all about helping us add capacity and capability at our Ellon HQ, with a fantastic, all-weather, outdoor, BBQ eating and teaching space and, if we hit our stretch goal, launching a second location from which to offer our authentic wood smoked BBQ.  


The mission is not easy.  Easy is choosing suppliers and sources of produce that keep our costs to a minimum, maximise profit, but ignore quality, welfare and locality with the impact that choice brings to the wider world.  For the sake of a fast buck.  

1631698698_vegware-logo-278x300.pngOur choices impact on the amount of landfill and plastic pollution we generate, on the future of local suppliers and producers attempting to serve our local community (and doing so in a more sustainable way) and on our dependency on others for our energy needs.

The good news though, is that this puts the power in our hands.

So at Meat Monsters we do things differently, we.....

  • Pay a little more to make sure absolutely 100% of your takeaway food packaging is compostable (and increasingly our packaging in our background operation too). 
  • Pay a little more to have all our packaging and food waste collected and commercially composted locally, so it ends up back on fields as fertiliser and not into landfill and onward to the sea.  
  • We look FIRST to local suppliers of products, produce and services for the things the business needs.  It might be slightly more expensive but often the quality is higher and almost certainly more sustainable.
  • We use only ethical producers and suppliers of meat to assure the welfare of livestock in our food chain.
  • We use renewable energy (solar water, and mains electricity supply from 100% renewable sources) to minimise our use of power generated in unsustainable ways (with plans for solar electric too).

To do this has made creating a commercially viable business a real challenge, however, we are WINNING!   Not only that, with enormous effort and fanatical local support, we're doing it in a pandemic year. 


We have a fantastically loyal and growing customer base following us in the thousands on social media (nearly 11,000 and growing) with a demographic which puts the majority of our followers within Aberdeenshire.


Despite the (sometimes brutal) challenges of the last 14 months, we have survived.  More than that, we are once again starting to thrive.  So with all that taken into account..... imagine what we can do in a more positive post-pandemic world.  In short, its now really time to GrOw!

So why not join the Meat Monsters Horde, donate to the cause and lend your weight to the mission.  We are stronger together.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Meat Monsters - "Hardcore Horde"

You're Hardcore! You'll get 5% off Meat Monsters chilled food, hot food, AND events \ masterclasses - FOREVER! You'll get 2 x exclusive items of Meat Monsters "Hardcore Horde" BBQ merchandise. Exclusive to Hardcore Horde - 1 draw entry to win a LARGE customised & personalised cooler. Our "Find out FIRST" guarantee - you'll be notified FIRST in advance of all bookable Monster's events, so you can reserve before general release.

£25 or more

Meat Monsters Donation - Join The Horde

As one of the Horde you'll receive the following benefits - 2 x exclusive items of Meat Monsters "I joined The Horde" BBQ merchandise. 1 x 5% off voucher to use on-line or at Meat Monsters HQ against ANY food order or event booking. Our "Find Out FAST" guarantee - As a Horde member you'll find out about special bookable events before Joe Public!

£50 or more

Meat Monsters Donation - "Horde PLUS"

Your joining the Horde and then some! As a Horde Plus member you'll receive all the "Join the Horde" benefits, PLUS - 1 additional 5% off voucher to use on-line or at Meat Monsters HQ (against any food order or event booking). Exclusive to Horde Plus - you will be automatically entered into a draw to win a small customised and personalised Meat Monsters food \ beer cooler.

£250 or more

Meat Monsters - "Horde Leader"

You're leading from the front! Horde Leaders get 10% off Meat Monsters chilled food, hot food, AND events \ masterclasses - FOREVER! Your name on our HQ's Horde wall of honour. 2 x Meat Monsters BBQ merch PLUS a strictly limited edition Horde Leader Flame logo baseball cap. Exclusive to Horde Leaders - a draw entry to win a MASSIVE customised & personalised Meat Monsters cooler.  Of course our "Find out FIRST" guarantee on bookable events.

£500 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Meat Monsters - "Horde Chieftain"

Horde Chieftains - Bastions of BBQ . Throw in with the Horde Elite and the rewards are impressive. 10% off Meat Monsters chilled food, hot food, AND events \ masterclasses - FOREVER! A personalised Meat Monsters BBQ Chieftain T-Shirt, baseball cap & embroidered patch. PLUS a free invitations for you to join a special "Chieftain's Masterclass" (normally £158.50 pp). Eat BBQ, drink beer and have fun learning!

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Meat Monsters - Horde Masters

No greater rank in the horde. Horde Masters get 15% off our chilled food, hot food & events - forever! They'll receive a personalised jacket, T-Shirt & baseball cap. They'll get 2 spaces on any Masterclass of their choice - free. MOST IMPORTANTLY.. the Meat Monsters Crew... WILL COME TO YOU! On a mutually agreed date we'll set-up at your place, fire up the smokers and lay on a legendary BBQ feast for you & 7 friends!

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