The Frida Kahlo of Penge West

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We did it
On 25th July 2015 we successfully raised £3,576 with 94 supporters in 56 days

Sell out two-woman very funny play goes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

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Edinburgh: done!

We did it!   

Edinburgh was - as anyone who has ever taken a show to the fringe will know - like diving off the top-board into a muddy jacuzzi full of mermaids and crocodiles.  It was exhausting, exhilerating, mad, a marathon.  Everyone has a hangover.  We teched the show in an all-night session, finishing at five in the morning and the first show that same day, twelve hours later.  We learnt how to store the set in an innappropriate and cramped corridor.  We ate mushroom pakoras from the Kebab Mahal.  We stuck eyebrows-stickers all over Edinburgh:  got into trouble for it, but it got people talking about the show.  Cecily and Olivia, in their first ever Edinburgh venture, hit the ground running and were funny, playful, inventive and worked very, very hard.  Wonderful to see them grow as performers and make the show their own.  Audiences rose from a respectable trickle to a solid, daily, guffawing presence.  It was gratifying, when we were flyering, increasingly to have people say - oh, Frida Kahlo, yes I've heard of that - it's meamt to be really good.  And so it was. The twittersphere was busy with praise.  Reviews: well, although Lyn Gardner from The Guardian had threatened to come and review us, she didn't show.  But other reviewers did and much of the time was spent in Kat and her wonderful, hard-working team stapling and stickering glowing words onto flyers.  If you didn't see the reviews; here's one of the best, from Libby Purves, who gave us 4 stars

The Stage gave us 4 stars.To Do List 4-and-a-half...

So, we're all back in London and,back to our day-jobs.  Edinburgh was a great outing for the show and has acheived its goal - to get more people seeing the show, to generate interest and to have a (further) stack of reviews as calling cards with which to book a future life.

We could not have done it without you ninety-four people whose generosity made it possible.  You have rewards coming!  We're on it, with your patience.  One of you has a bespoke limerick coming, and if you could send me a subject-matter and details, I'm on it..  Others have signed posters coming, three others signed pieces of MDF and a song.  For this last, I will have to await the return of the honourable Oli Jackson from Berlin, to record it, but it'll arrive.  Others have signed scripts coming, and would you like the (shortened) Edinburgh version or the (longer) London version?  Many of you have CDs of The Translucent Frogs of Quuup coming: and nearly everyone has elasticated eyebrows to wear.  Let me know details and addresses.    

Many thnks, all.  Onwards and upwards

Chris (and Ollie and Cecily and Kat)



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