The Frida Kahlo of Penge West

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We did it
On 25th July 2015 we successfully raised £3,576 with 94 supporters in 56 days

Sell out two-woman very funny play goes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

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New stretch target

Great, we've reached our target.  Now, the more the merrier.  Essentially, our initial target of £3,500 was - apart from covering the non-negotiable basics of the project (venue hire, festival fees, travel, press representative, etc) - doing everything on the cheap, and was always short of what was needed: a conservative, do-able figure.  Further money will mean we can build a lighter, stronger set, more suitable for later touring; we can spend more on street teams to distribute life-blood publicity; we can get show-image tee-shirts and other publicity material printed (anything to grab the public eye in the mayhem of an Edinburgh fringe) and beyond that, the actors can get paid.  Cecily and Olivia are taking seven weeks out of work to do this, and they have rent in London still to find.  Any money beyond our intitial target will be spent very wisely...

Our aim

To fund this fantastically funny, proven two-woman comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

"dangerously funny. This is a great play for a fun evening out! UKTHEATRE.NET

KPS Productions present


Written and directed by Chris Larner

A two-woman comedy about one woman's struggle to stage a one-woman play about Frida Kahlo, with two women in it…

"...hugely enjoyable" A YOUNGER THEATRE

 Starring Cecily Nash & Olivia Scott-Taylor Designer – Nina Patel-Grainger & Ivan Savage Lighting Designer – Celia Dugua Costume Designer – Natalie Pryce

Following two short but sell-out London runs, at the Rosemary Branch (Islington) and the Bridge House in… Penge, THE FRIDA KAHLO OF PENGE WEST needs wider exposure to ensure UK and international touring, to bring madcap joy to as many people as possible and give two very talented young actresses the chance to show off to the max, on their way to stardom...

So we're raising money to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2015.

Edinburgh is the biggest, most important showcase of Theatre and comedy in the world.  We're booked into a great venue:  C Nova, Studio 3, a 60-seat studio theatre, ideal for the this show's intimate hothouse of hilarity.  Ticket-sales will offset some of the cost, but by no means all.

We are putting much of our own money in as we can: the actors and director are working for nothing, but everything else costs...



Er, £3,500? That sounds like a lot of money...

Edinburgh is costly; venue hire, festival fees, printing and distribution of publicity, press agent, accomodation, travel... all that before you start paying for what's on stage; costumes, props, set and a stage manager to operate lights and sound.  The set needs a complete rebuild to allow it to function in the physical confines of the space and the time constraints of getting the set put up and taken down (we have seven-and-a-half minutes at either end of the show to get in and get out...)

Venue deposit-                  £2,000 Press representative -      £1,000 Stage Manager -               £500 Set rebuild and costume repairs and renewals- £750 Actors' accomodation       £1,500 Artists travel to and From Edinburgh £150 Flyer & poster printing       £250 Programme printing, printing of stickers-with-glowing-Edinburgh-reviews-on-them - £100 Festival brochure fees -    £400 Photographs -                     £100

There will be money in, from ticket-sales, of course.  We won't see that money until October, when the books are settled, and it will pretty much be swallowed up by the rest of the venue-hire: (the £2,000 above is the deposit, only)  The mathematically canny amongst you will see that all these figures tot up to more than £3,500.  It's true.  We're putting money of our own in (when we've got some...) and working hard to raise money by any means we can, but £3,500 seemed to us a do-able figure to aim for.  If we excede our target, it will all help..

A fuller breakdown of costs is available, if you want.   

What's the play about, then?

“…farce and fireworks… a thing of riotous wonder.” ISLINGTON GAZETTE

Quiet, unassertive Zoe lives alone in Penge, dreaming of romance with her boss, Gavin.  That ain't gona happen, but a girl can waste her life dreaming, can't she? 

When Zoe bumps into an old university chum - Ruth - little does she realise how her life will be blown apart.  Ruth has just been dumped, and Zoe agrees to let her sleep on her sofa for a couple of nights.  Those couple of nights turn into days, weeks and months.  Ruth - self-centred, vain, and an emotional wreck - wreaks the kind of havoc that Zoe needs, to rouse her from her torpor, but at what price?  No-one is safe.  Gavin certainly isn't. 

Ruth is an unemployed actor and really, really cross about it.  No-one will give her a job, so she determines to show the World a thing or two by writing and staging in a play of her own.  A play about the eyebrowed, narcissistic, self-portrait-painting Mexican feminist icon, Frida Kahlo, whose pain and self-indulgence Ruth can really relate to.  The hapless Zoe is dragged unwillingly into the fray, with disastrous, hysterical results.  There's a happy ending.  Well, happy-ish 

Wickedly funny, caustic and absurd, this is a play about betrayal, artistic pretension, and the perils of dysfunctional friendships.


Who's Who?

Chris Larner (An Instinct for Kindness, Decomposed, On the Island of Aars and The Translucent Frogs of Quuup), is an award-winning writer/director/actor. for everything.  From his deranged, comic mind  comes this all-girl, all-eyebrows hit comedy, in which Chris turns his eye to the agonizing travails of young creative types, and delivers two sharply observed female characters, both hilarious, with or without tequila. “The funniest, nuttiest show on the fringe...every line of dialogue is encrusted with wit.." The Daily Telegraph on The Translucent Frogs of Quuup

"...brave, well written, superbly performed and bloody funny.” - Chortle on On The Island of Aars

“fantastic” Lyn Gardner in The Guardian on An Instinct for Kindness

The Cast

Two up-and-coming comedic talents, making their Edinburgh debuts;

Olivia Scott-Taylor plays put-upon, long-suffering Zoe. Olivia starred in ITV’s Wild at Heart, in which she played Olivia Adams.  She's just spent a year filming Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron for Marvel/Disney.

Cecily Nash plays mad, driven, self-obsessed Ruth.  Cecily was in Renato Rocha’s acclaimed The Dark Side of Love at London’s Roundhouse, and played Dot in Red Ladder/Dumbwise’s The Matchgirls, at Wilton’s Music Hall.

“Two perfectly weighted performances” ★★★★ TIME OUT


Warning - this show contains Dodgy Mexican accents




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A heartfelt thank-you on Twitter & Facebook

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A heartfelt thank-you on Twitter, Facebook & in the printed programme. Plus a CD of the award-winning, screamingly funny musical The Translucent Frogs of Quuup, by Chris Larner and Mark Stevens

£50 or more

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Everything as for the £25 reward, plus a signed script and a pair of "hormone-malfunction" signed, elasticated eyebrows

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Everything as for £50, but for this amount, you would receive, additionally, a signed piece of MDF a small song, both of which acknowledging that you donated a generous but really weird amount. Mind you, this reward could be available for other amounts, upon inquiry

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Everything as for the £50 reward, plus poster, signed by the cast and creatives, and a ticket to the show at C Nova

£250 or more

£250 Reward

Everything as for the £100.00 reward, plus an Edinburgh curry with the cast...and Chris too, if he's still there, date to be negotiated, AND a bespoke Limerick, written by Chris Larner to your specification...

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Everything as for the £250.00 reward, plus your name included in the show, every night...

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Everything as for the £500.00 reward, plus a small tree. Fruit, probably. Doyenne du Comice is a lovely pear, and is available on dwarf- and semi-dwarf roots-stocks.

£1,338 or more

£1,338 Reward

Everything as for the £1000 reward, plus the singular knowledge that your contribution is the cubic product of £11.02 - to two decimal places. Comfort indeed.

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