The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project

Bringing workshops & seminars to London & across the UK to empower women still affected by a traumatic childhoods.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

How would you like to be involved with changing a womens life today? 

How would you like to be held in the thoughts of millions of women across the UK as their hero?

How would you like to be that person that transforms not just a womens life but their whole families live's in a split  second?

Well you can!

Hey I am Tina the founder of the Female Child Abuse Survivors Group (FCAS)  and am here to tell you about something really exciting, The Freedom Project where we will be putting on talks workshops and seminars starting in London then around the country to empower women to breakaway from the chains that a traumatic childhood has left them with.

These events will be high energy, positive, empowering pact full of strategies, support and life hacks to propel these women forward in their lives in an awe inspiring way!

Delivered Weekly Talks. Monthly Workshops & Quarterly Seminars 

So they can be confident in their life descions and relationships.

So they can love others with out fear of being hurt.

So the can fully stand in their power and be who they truly are with out fear shame or guilt!

So they feel connected with the world not feel like an outsider!

All this will be delivered by myself and other women that have gone through traumatic childhoods and are now thriving and inspiring others. 

We will not dwell on the old, these events will be about their future, turning  their past story into their power!

Childabuse in whatever form doesn't just effect the victim but all the people that they have in their lives from when the abuse happened to when they take their last breath!

Every thought, every action, every descision and every word they speak will be influenced by what happened!

But it doesn't have to be this way!

We can help change that by giving them the tools and support they need to move forward and break the pattern.

Who Am I?

I am Tina Herring  founder, trainer & coach @ The Soul Growth Academy . Where I take my students & clients on a deep transformational journey allowing them to shed the shackles of the past, stand in their power and shine their light out into the world with-out fear shame or guilt. 

This wasn't allways the case. I too had a traumatic childhood, beatings, sexual abuse, neglect, bullying, homelessness, attempted rape and childhood pregancy all by the grand old age of 19yrs!

I then fell into a 19 yrs career that facilitated my alcohol and drug habit, toxic relationships a plenty, untold drama not much sleep, destructive behavior sprinkled with a near fatal  suicide attempt and then..........


The final blow to the nether regions!

 If that doesn't make you wake up and smell the Kenco I dont know what will!

Even though Cancer was  some of the darkest days of my life I welcomed the regularity and time that it gave me.

This is when I started my own journey of self discovery and perosnal developement.

It has been one hell of a journey with a lot of bumps along the way but with determination I am now here  six years later a newer version of me. 

In five year  remission from cervical cancer ( See told you it was a blow to the nether regions)

And now certified in NLP, LOA  Life, Business & Youth Coaching, Trainer, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master/Teacher the list is endless.

I am free from the ghosts of my childhood, I am confident, I am empowered I love myself a whole lot more.

There is no more toxic relationships, no more drama, no more shame guilt or fear and no more loathing myself and the world!

And I want the same for other women out there that have gone through the same.

I dont want a life threatening disease  to be the reason they find their way.

I want to show them the way now through The Freedom Project Events.

I want this to be a global movement maybe even charity. 

There isn't anything out there specifically for women that have had traumatic childhoods.

I all ready do meet ups with women and what they get from our get -togethers is extraordinary, but these often get changed or venues alter as we are number dependant at the minute

With the money raised we will be able to book venues in advance (not depending on numbers)

Pay for materials like comprehensive workbooks that they can  keep for reference so they have all the tools they need at hand. 

Marketing Material & Ads -  We will be able to reach a wider market, not just through meet-up or through  basic social media marketing  and email list.

The money raised will make such a huge impact on the lives of women in London and in turn will inpact 100' if not 1000's of others. 

So come and be a part of a movement and impact the world in your own unique way!

Big Luv 

Tina xx