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by Lauren Thornton in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

The Fraud Action Co


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I hope to raise marketing funds to Launch The Fraud Action Co online and ensure the services reach those in need.

by Lauren Thornton in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

£16.5bn is lost in the Uk to Fraud each year with the most vulnerable age groups (under 21 and over 60) being targeted most.  Statistically, we will all be the victim of this crime at some point.

If you do fall prey in the Uk: you are advised to report the Fraud to the Police website; Action Fraud.  The website acknowledges that the report will not be investigated, leaving people to handle this huge and complex crime, alone.  This lack of action can often have devastating results, especially to those who have already fallen victim.  Some people are left homeless, their credit ruined, and have lost their life savings - no other crime would this be acceptable to receive no help.  

I wanted to come up with a solution to this: I wanted to be able to offer assistance to anyone who was the victim of fraud - no matter their economic or financial background.  With a great deal of squiggling and number crunching :

That's how I came up with The Fraud Action Co.

By using my professional and legal experience: I created a way to help anyone that needs assistance.  I designed a business infrastructure to enable members of the public to receive specialist legal advice from three experts in this area for a small fixed fee. Whether the clients case of Fraud requires a formal letter remedy: right through to a full on investigation leading to a Criminal conviction - we can help.  


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