The Frame Football Association

The Frame Football Association is dedicated to providing football for physically disabled players who use walker style frames for mobility.

We did it!

On 31st May 2016 we successfully raised £731 with 34 supporters in 56 days

The newly formed Frame Football Association is dedicated to providing football to physically disabled players who need to use walker style frames or players who feel they can compete more equally by using these frames. We are still in our first year as a group but already we have teams popping up all across the UK, Ireland and beyond. We have new start ups in Basildon, Belfast, Bristol, Cork, Coventry, Croydon, Darlington, Dublin, Dunfermline, Featherstone, Glasgow, Nottingham, Oldham, Portsmouth and even Malta with many more in talks. We held our first big national tournament at St. George's Park in November 2015 and 30 children came together to play. Our next Tournament is on 16th April 2016 and we hope to smash 50 kids, photos and video to follow.

To grow further and find more children we need to advertise, engage with local clubs and disability groups, fund start ups and fundraisers, more importantly we need to purchase new bespoke football frames for our players so they do not relly on their own NHS frames. You can see more about us and what has been happening on our community facebook page (( Click Here - Frame Football )) Please help us with charitable donations so we can purchase frames for our players and also help fund the start up of this completly voluntary, non for profit association run by coaches, and parents for the benifit of the children football left behind!

Each £700 buys a new Frame for a child to use at our national tournaments and sessions around the country.

Every £2800 funds four Frames, enouth for a complete team to use and play.

When we get to £5600 it will be enouth to buy 8 Frames and that will enable the first game to take place where all the players can use fully funded and brand new Bespoke Football Frames.

Unfortunatly the Frames are size appropriate, so we will need three versions of the Frame to cover the sizes and ages of the children.

£16,800 is needed to provide enough frames for one game at each age group.


Please help us by donating whatever you can spare to help all the kids that Football Forgot!

Every Penny will be spent on the children !

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