The Fool

The Fool

An exhibition on civil idiocy and disobedience in the UK involving artists, archivists, activists and clowns.

We did it!

On 14th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £440 with 22 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

An exhibition on civil idiocy and disobedience in the UK involving artists, archivists, activists and clowns.

About the project

The Exhibition:

We are putting on an exhibition that explores civil idiocy and disobedience in the UK. It looks at the Fool as an authentic and galvanising figure for change throughout history and pays homage to sparks created by individuals acting beyond commodification. Somewhere between contemporary art exhibition and war museum, it includes archivists, artists, activists and clowns, exploring many interconnected themes through a personal lens (see mindmap!). The exhibition marks the ten year anniversary of me discovering capitalism through the words “Make capitalism history” that appeared on my school bus at a G8 summit, and documents my subsequent unearthing of the people disobedient to it.

The exhibition will take place in Nottingham in August 2015, and then hopefully in Bristol later in the year. It will feature several works of art, a screening , a publication that we plan to sell with essays from many of the artists involved and also a podcast. We have been working towards the exhibition for almost a year and so there is no going back, but due to the lack of funding for the arts in this country I need to raise money in other ways.


The Aims

* The exhibition aims to bring light to some of histories more untold stories and people.

* We want to open up dialogues between diverse groups that otherwise might not overlap.

* To allow art and politics to be directly connected.

* To share art and ideas with people for free.


Whose Involved

* Rose Walsh – The curator.

* Charlie Haughton - Assistant to the curator and fundraiser

* Maddy Scruffs – Rose Walsh’s co-podcaster.

* Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination – A prolific group that use art for direct action. Providing a video piece and an essay.

* Alistair Gordon of The Punk Scholars Network – A collection of academics/punks ethnographing counter-cultural histories and alternative heritage. Providing 45 copies of the vinyl 'reality asylum' and a text piece in the publication.

* Jake Kent – An emerging artist based in Nottingham. Providing a sculptural funny.

* Brian Griffiths – A current lecturer at Royal Academy of Art and an established artist based in London. Providing new sculptures especially made for the show.

* Matt Welch – An emerging artist based in London. Providing a sculpture.

* Brendan Curtis – An emerging artist/performer based in Liverpool. Doing a clown performance at the private view.

* Lydia Jones – An emerging artist based in Bristol. She will be writing an essay for the publication.






What we need money for 

* Venue hire for the exhibition.

* Materials to make exhibition infrastructure such as plinths and display boxes.

* Printing the publication and posters which can then be sold to regain money for the exhibition/the next exhibition.

* Transport costs to pick up art from around the country.

 To keep informed about the exhibition's progress and to find out dates look here:


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