The Flight of the Manakins

by Jacob Trup in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

The Flight of the Manakins
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We're excited to present to you, 'The Flight of the Manakins'. A film of equality and salvation. We hope you can be a part of this project!

by Jacob Trup in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We conceptualised this idea because we knew we wanted to make a film which would shock people. Most of our team have come from backgrounds who have fought for their rights to prosper in their countries and practice their culture. Therefore, we wanted to tell our stories through the life of Hugo.

Hugo is Manakin Bird/Human hybrid and is part of the 'Manakind Tribe'. The decision behind this was to display a protagonist who know one was necessarily attached to, yet has a warmth and familiarity with the audience, as he begins his journey to fight for equality.

Meet the team!

Jacob Trup - Director

I am delighted to work on my fourth project. This was an idea which took a lot of thought and conceptualisation. Like my previous film, 'What We'd Like From You', I take great inspiration from films such as Black Swan (2010) and Death of Stalin (2017), as we attempt to replicate the ways they use subtle melodrama in their narrative. For me, a film cannot be done to its best ability without the work of a great team surrounding you. Together with Camila and our excellent teams in Camera, Hair and Makeup and Sound, I have found a team which I can really trust and want to spend time with. It is with this that I am confident this film will be executed in our desired way.

Camila Ardaya Alvarado - Producer

I have a passion for Producing and Editing and I am looking forward to this next project.This is a film which really resonated with and was something I was really eager to work on. I had previously worked with Jacob on 'What We'd Like From You' and he has a great work ethic and can do attitude, which is really helpful on set. This film has been planned carefully to make sure we can really make this the best film possible. Being from Bolivia, I think the issues raised in this film are very current and is a clear motivator for me to get involved.

Ella Murray - Makeup/SFX

I’m work in Makeup for Media and Performance. I’m specialising in prosthetics for TV and film, alongside working within the theatre industry. When i was approached to become a part of this film project. I was excited by the concept of mixing together elements of realism and fantasy for this piece. It’ll be an interesting new challenge for me to create the anthromorphic characters that will come to life on the screen. The film shares a lot of parallels within today’s society, and I believe will make for a gripping watch once it’s released. It’s been a great project to have been a part of and I hope you all enjoy watching it, as much as we have making it!

Camille Bourasseau - Costume Designer

I'm Cam and I'm originally from France. I came to England to study Costume design in AUB. What I am exited the most about this film is the challenge of imagining and designing the appearance of a fictional "species", the Manakind. It's a great opportunity we are given as a costume team to create a visual identity for those half bird / half men characters. I like this project because it's raising awareness about  inequality and discrimination amongst society ; and it carries a strong message about a community coming together to face injustice fight for a better life.

Ruby Enticknap - Costume Designer

I am a 2nd year student of Costume and Performance Design at Arts University Bournemouth.  I'm really excited to be working with this lovely team once again! I'm also proud to be telling a powerful story about the struggle against social inequality, and the development of social identity for an individual.

Benedicte Olsson Lønes - Costume Designer

Hi I'm Benedicte and I am Norweigan student at AUB in Costume. I'm most excited about working with this team again and specifically on the costumes on this unique and interesting film.

Elísabet Arna Valsadottir - Head Costume Designer

Hi, I'm Elísabet and I am a Icelandic student studying Costume and Performance design at AUB, specializing in Scenography. I have always been passionate about social issues, so working on a film that challenges those issues from a unique perspective is very exciting to me. I also get to experiment with non-traditional materials to make the costumes.

Bradley Taylor - Director of Photography

My name is Bradley I'm the DoP for the Manakins project. Previously I have worked as a DoP/AC for many projects under BU and independent companies, I have specialized in action and alternative film so I'm looking forward to bringing both of those elements to Flight Of The Manakins.

Jack Degg - Camera Operator/Co-DoP

I've always been a huge fan of film and photography, and growing up I experimented with creating short films with friends and I discovered that I had a flare for lighting and working with cameras and different lenses. With this I then went to learn more behind the theory of film for my undergraduate and I am currently studying MA cinematography at Bournemouth University. I am particularly looking forward to working on Jacob's film as I think the concept has so much potential to be creative and also has a really meaningful message behind it.

Mathilde Souchet - 2nd AD

I have had the opportunity to help Jacob by being his 3rd AD on another project and really liked the way he directs his films. As soon as I heard that he was looking for a 2nd AD on this project, I was more than happy to help him again. The captivated me as I have never been able to work on a production using so many complex costumes and makeup.

Anya Botterill - Hair + Makeup

My name is Anya and I'm studying Makeup at AUB. I am eager to start work on FOTM as it's such a makeup-heavy production. I feel like it will be such a great opportunity for the makeup team and to get really creative in bringing the characters to life. Working collaboratively with the entire crew is something I really look forward to!

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