The Fenn Bell Conservation Center

The Fenn Bell Conservation Center

help us make a difference for our animals and give them the best enclosures we can build.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 We  have for the last 2 years been turning a old pub and 4 acres of growned into a small zoo. All our animals come to us via people who carnt or dont want them anymore. We keep meerkats monkeys raccoons lots of parrots foxes and many more. The plan has aways been to offer the people who come here free access into our zoo to enjoy what we see and do on a day to day bases.  The money we raise will go to help complete our enclosures..... we have worked none stop for the last 2 years but need your help.with the money we raise we will be able to pay to get some help and complete all the work by spring 2017 . We hope next spring to be able to open our doors to local schools and play groups and do some good home grown conservation projects with red squirrals and pine martins. Our long term goal is to make our place a low cost place for familys to come and enjoy while educating them on coservation projects . We are very proud of what our very small team have achived over the last 2 years but the time has come to ask for some help so we can achive our dream and complete the work.