We did it
On 19th June 2015 we successfully raised £6,750 with 70 supporters in 21 days

An inclusive residency for people passionate about co-designing creative actions for environmental justice.

by Cross Collaborations and Transition Network in Eroles

New stretch target

WOW, WOW, WOW! We made our initial target!

We are so excited and humbled by the generous support from 60 + people who believe in The Eroles Project and the work we do in the world.

This means the project will run as budgeted this summer!  HURRAH!!!  We can't wait to start sending out the rewards!

Thanks to the dedicated work of Eroles Collaborators, even more creative activity is being planned for the future. And we need your support to make this next phase happen! PLEASE keep pledging!

£2000 will go towards documenting this project through The Eroles Project film and handbook. Both aim to share the learnings from the process of setting up and running a creative, collaborative, action focused project. They can be use as a 'how to' guide for others groups so more people round the world can benefit from the transformative power of creativity.

The second £2000 will go towards installing / exhibiting / performing our artworks and creative actions at the Climate Talks in Paris this December, COP21. Reaching this amount will mean that we have financial security to move forward with exciting plans, making our presence even more effective, creative and beautiful.

We are so grateful to you for your generous support!

An inclusive residency for people passionate about co-designing creative actions for environmental justice.

The Eroles Project


We are a group of around 50 artists, activists, climate scientists, growers, theatre directors, sustainability consultants, social entrepreneurs, project designers, ecologists, ethnographers & performers from over 13 countries on 4 continents, united by a desire to create actions and artworks calling for climate justice.

We will meet this summer to collaborate for the first time, at The Eroles Project in Catalunya, Spain. 


Our focus is to co-create work to be exhibited / performed / installed at key public forums during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris this December (COP21) with an aim to bring a different voice to the forefront of the climate conversation.


We share the belief that creative actions can impact people on a personal level, raising awareness, evoking questions and creating dialogues. We imagine our work will be beautiful, challenging and provocative; a mixture of socially engaged participatory arts, storytelling, art installations throughout Paris, social sculpture, VJing & projecting onto buildings, immersive street theatre and large scale singing.  

We will also facilitate creative thinking & creative practice workshops before and beyond the COP21, sharing our learnings with a wide variety of social and environmental movements.

Why are we crowdfunding?


We are happily giving our time for free to set up this residency. We will pay for our own travel to and from Eroles and a small fee per week towards running costs. However this fee does not cover the true cost of the project. So we need your support. A pledge from you will make all the difference.


We need funding for:

  • Three months of local and ecological food from a brilliant catalan food co-operative.

  • Art materials to use during the residency

  • Wifi so we can connect with the online world

  • Website costs


And to make the house more eco we want to source and fit:

  • A permanent water tank to collect rainwater to reduce our water consumption.

  • New parts for the existing solar panels so that we can convert to solar energy!


The £6000.00 raised by this campaign, combined with our collective weekly contributions, will cover the residency’s full cost.





We hope to leave the residency with a sense of energy, agency and inspiration to continue to create positive change back home in our own communities. The next level of impact will be during the COP21 in Paris.

To give you an idea, one of our planned actions is to collect and publish hundreds of people’s opinions, concerns and hopes of the future. This action aims to share more publicly the multifaceted responses to the climate conversation.  

Looking beyond COP21, there is the possibility of continued positive impact through a permanent collaborative centre(!)  If The Eroles Project is a success, we will start setting up structures here, or in another location, where people can continue to meet, learn and discover, whilst producing concrete and meaningful actions.  

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the well-being of all species and to the design of systems which respect planetary boundaries.


By supporting us you’ll become part of a creative force for change.

Depending on the amount pledged, we can offer participatory art workshops (available in UK, Spain, Sweden, Holland), a tree planted in the garden in your name, a signed copy of The Eroles Project Handbook or a virtual visit to Eroles. We will keep you updated on the project’s development, and mention you on our wall of gratitude on our website!



But what will you actually DO at Eroles?

We will have set meal and communal work times, either in the house, kitchen, gardens or in the local hamlet. The rest of the time will be dedicated to exploring different themes relevant for creating actions at the COP21. As it is a collaborative residency, we will co-create the week’s content, offering workshops to one another, collaborating around smaller projects and sharing skills. Some weeks have guiding themes such as: Art, Sound & Activism - Voice - Participatory Arts for Social Change - Systemic Approaches to Action - Theatre and Presencing. Other weeks are left emergent.



About Us

The core collaborators are an international team of festival organisers, international sustainability consultants, climate march coordinators, theatre producers and Community Supported Agriculture experts.


We are associated with:

Schumacher College (UK)

Eco Dharma (Spain)

Encounters Arts (UK)

Earth Charter (worldwide)

Battersea Arts Centre (UK)

UNIDO (worldwide)

Fundación Tomillo (Spain)

Centre for Social Sustainability (Sweden)

Jungle House (Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Durban & worldwide)


Please get in touch if you want to get to know us more, join us or have further questions.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

We will show our gratitude by adding your name to our wall of thanks on The Eroles Project website and we will send you our weekly blog posts.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Thank you! We will post you a handmade card from Eroles (technically from the nearest postbox in Tremp) to express our gratitude.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

We'd like to thank you by taking you on a virtual guided tour of The Eroles Project including meeting some of us and seeing our latest artworks. We'll also send you a handmade card in the post!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

We will send you a collection of 7 printed images of artwork made during The Eroles Project and of the beautiful local area, along with a handmade card.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

We will send you a signed copy of The Eroles Project Handbook a beautiful documentation of the life of the project. We will also send you a handmade card in the post!

£400 or more

£400 Reward

We will plant a tree in the Eroles garden in your name. And we will send you a signed copy of The Eroles Project Handbook a beautiful documentation of the life of the project, and a handmade card!

£600 or more

£600 Reward

We will give a presentation on the design and development of The Eroles Project, sharing the process and results of our project and offering our experience to groups setting up collaborative, creative or residential projects. We can speak with you before the presentation to find out what aspects you and your group, organisation are particularly interested in, and tailor our talk to be of most support. Presentations can be given in English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish (other languages are possible please contact us to find out)

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

We will make a bespoke framed "land art" piece for your home, and deliver it to you along with The Eroles Project Handbook and a handmade card. Please specify your preferred frame size and we shall create accordingly.

£2,500 or more

£2,500 Reward

Eroles project collaborators will facilitate a day long workshop specifically designed for you and your organisation. We have experience facilitating workshops for NGO's in UK and Spain on the following: Creativity and collaboration for organisational change, How to use creativity within social or environmental movements, Sustaining resistance, Collaborative project design, New Economics, Communication, collaboration and active listening, A visioning day for your organisation. We can offer workshops is Spain, UK, Holland and Sweden and more countries upon agreement (contact us for details). The workshop will be bespoke so we can work with you to design the best possible shape and content.

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