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On 19th June 2015 we successfully raised £6,750 with 70 supporters in 21 days

An inclusive residency for people passionate about co-designing creative actions for environmental justice.

by Cross Collaborations and Transition Network in Eroles

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Harriet Quinn 18th June 2015

Good luck, Sounds fantastic! Wish I could come. Maybe me and baby can come visit or see you in Paris. Keep up the wonderful work, it's so important. ❤️

billie-beckley 17th June 2015

So very very excited about this project. I wish I could be there and my support is sailing across the sea to you from London. See you in Paris I hope!

Cross Collaborations and Transition Network 16th June 2015

INFORMATION FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE HAVING PROBLEMS PLEDGING: Hi Ruth, Thank you for getting in touch with our Customer Wellbeing Team. Regarding you PayPal enquiry, I've just tested your integration with PayPal and all appears well. We can see that some users are trying multiple times to make a pledge. I would recommend forwarding any individuals that contact you, to contact us. We'll do the upmost to assist them. The most common cause of PayPal pledging failures are the following: - Forgotten Credentials. - The user timing out during the checkout process. I look forward to hearing from any backers you send our way. Warm wishes, Shaune, Crowdfunder Customer Wellbeing support@crowdfunder.freshdesk.com

gerdaspeller 16th June 2015

I wish I could join you but I can't. I wish you all a creative and inspirational time; it is such a necessary task, thank you to you for facilitating it and thank you to all who are taking part.

jon.stein 15th June 2015

me parece un proyecto estupendo. Aqui en Totnes hay varios de nosotros tambien trabajando entre UK y Espana para desarollar proyectos nuevos. Good luck - buena suerte!

Cross Collaborations and Transition Network 12th June 2015

Dearest Eroles Project supporters! Sending you a heart felt thank you for your generous support. Today we are celebrating that thanks to you we are now over half way to reaching our target!!!! With 7 days left we hope you'll help us to spread the word to make sure this project happens! Much love, The Eroles Project

laura.harris.1 12th June 2015

Hello!!!! I pledged 100 gbp but here it says i only pledged 10 gbp. can you please confirm to lauradianeharris@gmail.com that the 100 gbp worked! congratulations on the amazing project!!!!! xxxx Laura

donnal.walter 12th June 2015

We live in urgent times. In crisis after crisis, each seemingly more insistent than the last, it is easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of reaction and protest against the relentless forces of denial and devastation. It's easy to feel powerless and trapped by urgency. But where does our power come from? It comes from creativity, listening, collaboration, experimentation, exchange, practice. What if we simply slow things down for a few months and bring together artists, performers, change-makers, innovators, and sustainability experts in an environment where creativity can blossom on its own schedule? This is what The Eroles Project is all about. I can't be there myself, but I want to do all I can to support this new form of creative resistance and help shape COP21 and beyond.


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£10 or more

£10 Reward

We will show our gratitude by adding your name to our wall of thanks on The Eroles Project website and we will send you our weekly blog posts.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Thank you! We will post you a handmade card from Eroles (technically from the nearest postbox in Tremp) to express our gratitude.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

We'd like to thank you by taking you on a virtual guided tour of The Eroles Project including meeting some of us and seeing our latest artworks. We'll also send you a handmade card in the post!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

We will send you a collection of 7 printed images of artwork made during The Eroles Project and of the beautiful local area, along with a handmade card.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

We will send you a signed copy of The Eroles Project Handbook a beautiful documentation of the life of the project. We will also send you a handmade card in the post!

£400 or more

£400 Reward

We will plant a tree in the Eroles garden in your name. And we will send you a signed copy of The Eroles Project Handbook a beautiful documentation of the life of the project, and a handmade card!

£600 or more

£600 Reward

We will give a presentation on the design and development of The Eroles Project, sharing the process and results of our project and offering our experience to groups setting up collaborative, creative or residential projects. We can speak with you before the presentation to find out what aspects you and your group, organisation are particularly interested in, and tailor our talk to be of most support. Presentations can be given in English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish (other languages are possible please contact us to find out)

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

We will make a bespoke framed "land art" piece for your home, and deliver it to you along with The Eroles Project Handbook and a handmade card. Please specify your preferred frame size and we shall create accordingly.

£2,500 or more

£2,500 Reward

Eroles project collaborators will facilitate a day long workshop specifically designed for you and your organisation. We have experience facilitating workshops for NGO's in UK and Spain on the following: Creativity and collaboration for organisational change, How to use creativity within social or environmental movements, Sustaining resistance, Collaborative project design, New Economics, Communication, collaboration and active listening, A visioning day for your organisation. We can offer workshops is Spain, UK, Holland and Sweden and more countries upon agreement (contact us for details). The workshop will be bespoke so we can work with you to design the best possible shape and content.

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