The Eraser (Islamophobia) BSBT

by Aisha Abdelmaguid in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Eraser (Islamophobia) aims Educating people about the correct teachings of the Islamic religion to stop terrorism groups.

by Aisha Abdelmaguid in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi guys it's me Aisha Abdelmaguid and this one of my projects I have started before and runs a YouTube channel for that, we do earning money but we still helping people and oth charity, also, we need help right now to carry on. 

The Eraser (Islamophobia) aims which for sure we going to have subscribetion payments from our customers for our services which are:

1_Educating people about the correct teachings of the Islamic religion, especially regarding the issue of jihad, to stop the terrorist acts used in the name of religion, which limits terrorism.

2_ Peacekeeping, Spreading peace and awareness of freedom, Developing Islamic thoughts and society's view of women. 

3_Building a Stronger world facing the terrorism groups. 

I already published book about that,

correcting the Islamic vision on the topic of BEATING WOMEN IN QUR’AN. And the Austin's macaulay publishers send to me a letter said that my book is international useful and peaceful book we happy to help you publish it and translate it to reach lots of people but unfortunately I don't have money to do that.

All I need, I need to create a suitable studio(place) with camera and projectors and laptop and computer, so I can do videos as small starting channel, also I can do lectures awareness plus publish that in books and translate it into English to reach everyone. 

And the money will earn from our business part  of it will go for those people (supoerting women, victims and their families, mothers with children, refugees and disability people with rare diseases.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

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£20 Reward

Subscribetion payments and part from that money we will earn straight away will go to support those who affected from coronavirus. Or having any kind of sickness or illness.

£1,000 or more

£20 Reward

From our profits which will come from our services subscriptions payments we will help some of those who are victims and I explained in my story and I will be happy if have a look at it again, the money I will earn will go to support different types of people as my target to help people as I'm a human rights lawyer love to support others.

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