The English Chip Shop

The English Chip Shop

I want to take the Traditional Fish and Chip Shop and take it to the US and show them how Fish and Chips should be done.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


About 6 months ago i got talking to someone in the playground of my daughters school whilst waiting for the school bell to ring. It was my early finish day from work and i was excited about collecting my youngest daughter from school. The conversation went something like this.....

The local Chip Shop has closed!


Because it wasnt making money....

Cogs started moving and i set myself a little goal.

9 months later we own the shop, have been trading with a great customer base and in profit every week since the day we opened. We went for local products with a close tie to the area, Using small businesses whenever possible for dry and frozen products Always putting product quality first wanting only to serve great Fish and Chips.

Personally I have wanted to live and work in New England, Specifically The Cape Cod area of Massachussetts since visiting there in 2000 with a friend. I fell in love with the area, People, Way of life it offers and most of all the weather... 4 actual seasons.

Tieing the two ideas of enjoying being in the takeaway industry and wanting to live and work in the US, I want to take the Traditional Fish and Chip Shop and deliver the finest English food to the East Coast of the USA. I am looking to set up a Traditional sit in and take away restuarant in the Plymouth area working with local businesses to employ local people serving the best of British Fish and Chips.