The Endurance Collective
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Raising money through physical endurance events to fund military veterans support projects.

by The Endurance Collective in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

In 2013 I left the British Army after deployments all around the world. 

I had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress and after years of trying to battle my own demons I attempted to take my own life. 

Thankfully I was stopped by Armed Police before I could. I had the realisation that I needed to engage with help that really made positive steps to help me discovery what recovery meant to me. 

I felt a lack of a purpose, alone and without a community of people that previously had meant so much to me. 

I knew that if I was feeling this way then other guys and girls would be feeling like this aswell. 

I started to look into what it is to recover from a mental illness that had nearly taken my life. 

For me this was the ability to make good decisions that impacted my mindset positively. Alot of this came from physically pushing myself the extremes of my capability. Anytime that I succeeded in these physical challenges I always felt better. I could think clearly, the foggy mindset left me and I was meeting people who benefited from the same feelings that enduring physical hardship gave them. 

I thought about how this could help so many friends and ex colleges that had been in my position.

Lightbulb moment - 

The Endure Collective

'the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way' 

I want to build a community of likeminded individuals with a passion for helping others by taking on physical challenges that require them to push into the depths of their capabilities. We will collectively attempt individual feats of endurance including Marathons, Ultra runs, Mountain ultras, multi-day mountain events and anything else that requires commitment and physical sacrifice to complete. 

Each person will raise money each time they commit to an event that will then be designated to veteran charities and projects to help fund those who might not be able to financially get the help they need. In turn, you will become the collective. 

My aim is to firstly raise money to fund The Endure Collective to Charitable organisation status. 

This will give us the biggest impact to then find raise for future projects and partnerships that require financial input to help others. 

Are you willing to become part of The Endure Collective?

Can you help to fund a project that will change the lives of those who have sacrificed themselves in service of others? 

Sacrifice physically to help others Mentally. 

Be part of The Endure Collective. 

Fund us to help others. 

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