The Enchanted Ones

Our aim is to journey into the Super Natural and with your help we can bring to life the hopes and dreams of people who believe in this.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

GladdingNash Productions is a film Production company based in Milton Keynes and aim to cover footage / video reels for weddings, Parties, commercials and short films for commercial and industrial based.

As part of this business we are creating a project called The Enchanted Ones which is a story based on 3 females who discover they are not only related but have powers as well...

Our aim is to show the magic behind a vast majority of peoples beliefs because this will make our audience entertained but taught about the things that are beyond our own minds which is what makes this project so exciting and something to look forward to as we explore another life that you didnt know exist which makes our project unique.

As part of this project we also will dive into the Rituals that consist of Demon weddings and other supernatural events such as this.

We have experience in other Film Production Projects as we have done other roles individually in our lives.

Our aim is to also promote feminism and other such rights , we will prove to the world that females can be the dominant species and as part of your donations we will donate 10% of overall raised to the National Autistic Society as we believe that Autistic awareness is not very wide out there.

With your help the money raised will pay for better equipment and higher quality setup plus will pay our actors plus maintain our project with expenses costs and with your donations would also help pay for upgraded effects plus audio optimisation for the project. Donations will also pay towards Shooting Locations for the project.