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To provide girls and women near Bangalore, India with re-useable sanitary pads, so they can flow through their lives with ease.

by The Empower Pads Project in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

The Empower Pads Project is in its early stages, being brought forward with my friend, Uma. Uma is from Bangalore and knows many villages in the area where they are lacking in being able to access and afford sanitary products. Together we are looking to change that.

I was first inspired to set this up when working at a disaster relief charity. A case study came through about a young girl in Cameroon who didn't have access to sanitary products and so spent the whole time she was on her period feeling ashamed and dirty. She had to sit on a rag the whole time she was menstruating and couldn't leave her home to go to school or help her family with their daily chores. When I read this, I was shocked at how I felt, I'd never thought about how it would feel not being able to get hold of sanitary products when I needed them and the more I looked into it the more I realised how big of an issue this is around the world.

By providing re-useable pads we can empower girls and women to live their lives much more freely, girls will be able to attend school and women will be able to get on with their days with much more ease. 

The money raised will pay for our first 100 starter kits which will be delivered to villages near Bangalore, India! 

These kits include: 1 Pantyliner, 1 Day Pad, 1 Day Pad Plus, 1 Night Pad, care instructions/tips and a menstrual cycle tracking chart.

  • Indian cotton 100% organic, unbleached
  • Each pad stitched in one piece
  • Top layer: cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour
  • Inner layers: cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour
  • Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL print pattern
  • Close with one nickel-free metal push button

I am also going to include a carry pouch with each starter kit. This beautiful hand-finished canvas pouch is perfect for carrying the pads when out and about. It can be kept in a bag with a few folded pads, just in case!

  • 12cm x 14cm
  • Block printed in blue and white pattern
  • Water resistant
  • Closes with a cotton string
  • This product is made with organic but non-certified cotton. 

I am also offering a free space in my Pregnancy Yoga Class or Women's Relaxation Class if you donate £30! Donate £50 and get two free spaces! If you don't want to come to a class you can donate the space to a friend. 

Find out more about my classes here:



I am extremely passionate about helping girls and women with this issue and I hope you will want to assist us in this venture. I welcome any ideas or knowledge about how we can make this a success!

The video is from Eco Femme who I am purchasing the pads from. It explains all about the pads we will be providing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this <3



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