The Embassy

by Gustavo Marin Serrano in Hale, England, United Kingdom


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We want you to be part of our project "The Embassy". A new concept of Fine Dining & Casual Restaurant in Hale.

by Gustavo Marin Serrano in Hale, England, United Kingdom

What is The Embassy?

Fine Dining & Casual Restaurant in Hale. We offer new and innovative food utilising both traditional and modern cooking techniques. We want to offer Haute Cuisine for all budgets.

The idea of creating The Embassy arose from the desire to escape the stereotype of "Just another restaurant" and not be confined by a certain type of cuisine. We create haute cuisine but we are also daring and fun as well as consistent and responsible with our service and menu.

We have had our challenges! 1 month before the global COVID 19 pandemic occurred, the 4 partners decided that it was a good time to embark on this adventure and we decided to get involved without any distraction and give 110% commitment to the project. 


We, therefore, decided to leave our secure jobs with the concept that within 3 months we would inaugurate The Embassy. COVID then arrived and did not permit this! Due to the pandemic, bureaucracy and the general slowdown of the hospitality economy this 3 months has extended to 8 months. We have therefore expended our savings in ‘keeping our heads above water’ and the level of investment available for The Embassy has reduced.

We did however have the premises and the project was well advanced, so we decided to bet on what we believed in; we decided to bet on The Embassy, we decided to bet on our dream. 


This is why we are asking for your support, this is why we want you to be part of our dream, to be part of The Embassy, and help us in our final step that with £30,000 of investment we can open our doors to you.

 We are grateful for any financial assistance. By believing in us and joining us in this journey we would want you to become part of The Embassy family. Any donations you would make would be matched by vouchers to a corresponding value redeemable at the restaurant. You would also obviously always get that extra special treatment when you visit us. Please remember that you are not only supporting a project, you are also supporting 14 staff members who will be eager to give you the biggest smile and make you feel at home and supporting our community.

Special mention: We are very grateful to the NHS and all the professionals who in these difficult times have gone above and beyond their duty. We will pay tribute to these exceptional people with special discounts and offers to thank them for their contribution to us all.


If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to visit our website and our social networks. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and get to know each other a little more.

Email: [email protected]


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