The Egg and the Thieving Pie

The Egg and the Thieving Pie

We are raising funds to make a surreal and gently humorous short film exploring the idea of animal traits expressed in human form.

We did it!

On 29th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £1,735 with 17 supporters in 28 days

What’s the Project?

THE EGG AND THE THIEVING PIE is a surreal and gently humorous film exploring the idea of animal traits in human form. Most of the characters are strong women, and we feel it is important to have leads that demonstrate the natural characteristics of women being courageous, expressive and passionate.

This story grew from Lola’s exploration into the sentience of animals, in particular the Whale, Turtle, Praying Mantis and the Magpie.

One thing in particular stood out from Lola’s research, the recent discovery that whales (along with elephants and apes) contain specialized neurons that are responsible for increased emotional attachment and empathy to others. They experience grief and loss in a more intense way than we as humans do. We want to explore the overlap between ‘us and them’ through a story of loss and longing.

What’s the Story?

The film follows SHONA, a character based on a whale displaced from her world into an urban setting. Shona is ectopic, an outsider, a Community Support Officer, lonely and missing something terribly. Like the animal she represents she has the greatest capacity for empathy of all the creatures/characters we meet. Shona has to investigate the theft of a strange and precious egg, questioning three people who live in the same building to get to the bottom of the crime.


Why does it matter? 

This short film will give Lola a chance to develop her own style as a young female Director. Lola’s work stems from her interest in creating characters and the worlds, which they inhabit, and then inviting an audience to experience what she has envisioned.

The film will explore the sentience/characteristics of the animals. The Magpie must steal to be a Magpie, the Praying Mantis must murder her husband to be true to her nature and the Turtle’s life must be dedicated to the safe delivery of her eggs. On a primal level we begin to empathize with them and ask: What animal qualities do we possess that lie just beneath the surface or skin? I believe there are more than we may realise. Time slows when we are in their habitats. It becomes quiet, strange and otherworldly. We leave the harsh contemporary world to enter a surreal, evocative world where the struggle to exist in human form is at times amusing, or tragic.

Who’s behind this?

Director, Lola Blanche Higgins


Whilst at Edinburgh University Lola Blanche Higgins wrote, directed and designed ‘Grout Pray’ a design driven short about escapism. The film was twice nominated for SCOTTISH BAFTA NEW TALENT AWARDS for Design and Cinematography. It was also selected for the Verona International Film Festival.

In 2015 her gutsy can-do attitude led her to work as an independent filmmaker and photographer on a working cattle and bison ranch in Colorado, documenting the every day life of the cowgirls/boys.

Her art work as a graduate has been commended by MoMa, ‘The List’ and Talbot Rice Gallery.

As a Designer she has worked on a number of shorts including ‘LIFE IN BLACK’ starring LIAM NEESON and ‘TIDE’ starring GARY LEWIS.

She has worked assisting and doing visual research for some of the UK’s most successful Designers such as Sophie Becher, Kave Quinn and Beck Rainford.

Producer, Reshma Makan

Reshma has been a member of Stone City Film’s team for three and a half years. Reshma comes from an accounting and legal background.

A Hull University Law graduate, with eight years experience in making feature films; She is multi-disciplined and has a diverse knowledge of filmmaking. Reshma started her film career interning at BBC Films, Alison Owen’s Ruby Films and Working Title’s legal internship. On set Reshma has experience in the AD team, and Production team and more recently in Post Production up to and including delivery. Reshma’s credits include

‘ALL IN GOOD TIME’ (Leftbank Pictures), ‘DARK TIDE’ starring Halle Berry, 'NANNY MCPHEE & THE BIG BANG' (Working Title), BAFTA nominated ‘THE SELFISH GIANT’ directed by Clio Barnard, ‘THE WEDDING VIDEO’ directed by Nigel Cole & London Film Festival Official Selection ‘ELECTRICITY’ (Stone City Films)

Supported by Stone City Films

Stone City Films is an award-winning company specializing in high-end innovative feature film, drama and documentary production. We make distinctive films with committed film-makers, combining the latest technology with traditional cinematic storytelling. We have an established track record with UK, North American and European distributors and broadcasters for being original, energetic, and enjoyable to work with – and have collaborated with some of the finest, award-winning producers and directors around.

Why crowdfunding?

We believe THE EGG AND THE THIEVING PIE is going to strike a chord with many people – and crowdfunding gives everyone the chance to play a concrete part in bringing this story to life.

It also gives us the freedom to be true to Lola’s vision for the film, and do justice to her beautiful vision.

What’s in it for you?

We are grateful for anything you can afford and appreciate your support.  We have a great range of rewards to show our appreciation.  We are updating our rewards and partnering up with co-events, so please do check back. 

***Travel and expenses not included in rewards, delivery times for physical items may vary, please get in touch for further information***



“Tucked away in a cupboard, the creepy detail of Lola Higgins' set design for what looks like an early Ian McEwan short story is a grotesque, claustrophobic and gloomily evocative construction, and is all the better for that.”  - The List

Lola Blanche Higgins and fellow nominee Charlie Rose for ‘GROUT PRAY’ at 2016’s BAFTA Scotland New Talent. 

How can you help?

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Call to action:

Help us make this film a reality. Please make a pledge today. And finally Thank You so much for showing an interest in our project and reading this far!

Lola & Resh x

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