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We did it!

On 9th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £10,630 of £10,000 target with 116 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Wow this is amazing, we are into our stretch target - Thank you! 

The extra £2000 will provide the work surfaces and  shelving needed to kit out the workspace. This would mean I'd be ready early enough to get new designs out for Easter instead of after.

Easter Bats, Easter Lizards, Easter Mummified Cats... Easter...? Suggestions please

Thank you so much for all your support

At The Edible Museum I sculpt a collection of highly realsitic, chocolate artefacts.
Imagine having access to the most private of museum archives, from perfectly preserved fossils, antiques and anatomy to sea-life and endangered species all made from delicious chocolate.
A collection both educational and edible! 

I've spent the last 18 months inventing and designing these edible artworks from my kitchen table. I now need a dedicated space in which to sculpt & paint these lifelike pieces. A studio which is both food safe and spacious enough to allow me to continue exploring and expanding on this unique work.

Working from home to fit around my two young children is still important. So my plan is to build a chocolate studio in the garden where the humidity and temperature levels can be maintained for the alchemy that is chocolate work.

I am in line for a grant for this exciting move up but ONLY if I can raise the match funding of £10,000 by November 9th so look at these amazing rewards and get clicking!!

The Rewards:

'Hero' chocolates. These are large show-stopper chocolates of 120-250g, hand painted and highly realistic. Choose from:

  • Tyranasaurus Rex fossil tooth,
  • Megalodon (Giant shark) fossil tooth,
  • Human Heart,
  • Giant starfish 
  • Endangered Natterjack Toad (a donation goes to The Wildlife Trusts for each toad)
  • 2 large Conch Shells

Fossil Collectors Box:

Wooden presentation box with 16 prime examples of Trilobites, Ammonites, Brachiopods & Sharks teeth. The box comes complete with notes on the fossils and can be personalised with your name as the paleontologist who discovered them.

 The Special Edition Fossil Hamper:

A double layer presentation box  which includes everything in the Collectors box above and also the two ' Hero' chocolates of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Megalodon. The box comes complete with notes about the fossils and can be personalised with your name as the paleontologist who discovered them!

Signed prints.

These are from my pencil drawings of dead insects and are limited edition, signed litho prints (130mm x 180mm) with a mount.

  • Profile Bee
  • Aerial Bee
  • Bumble bee 'fluffy legs'
  • Wasp

Profile BeeAerial BeeBumble Bee Fluffy Legs

Mimic Wasp

Dragonfly print. This print comes on an A1 (420 x 595 mm) sized paper with the dragonfly (220 x 175mm) flying into the paper into the bottom left hand corner (as shown in the framed picture).

Get your portrait cast in chocolate!

Here I am carving eyes into a cast of someones head. You get a chocolate portrait AND the plaster one too.

Have your own bespoke chocolates designed and made just for you!

We can discuss and design something together then I will toil until you have a totally unique edible artwork just for you.

How “The Edible Museum” Started  

As a classically trained sculptor (graduated Norwich and Goldsmiths) I had exhibited in galleries and worked on wax work figures and props for museums before realising I could combine my passion for sculpture with my addiction to chocolate and cake. 

After making chocolate vertebrae for a show at St Bart’s Pathology museum the idea for edible chocolate artefacts was born. I could explore my own artwork and interests in vanitas - in an edible medium. One that lasted long enough to be viewed, exhibited and enjoyed before being consumed and destroyed.

Now located in the Essex countryside I have created high quality (and eminently edible) natural world items and even been shortlisted for The Great British food awards. I am setting up links with wildlife charities to raise money for pretecting our precious environment as this is something I beleive in strongly.  My pieces have been sent to Harvard and UCL, and feted for their educational and artistic value as well as their delicious taste.

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