The Edible Garden Project - Bridport

St. Mary's School Edible Garden needs funds to employ a part-time gardener, buy material and put on community and School social events.

We did it!

On 12th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £2,225 with 61 supporters in 28 days

The Edible Garden Project - Bridport

St. Mary’s and Skilling’s community space                                                                      

                        Although Bridport is fortunate in local school meal providers, most schools in Dorset serve food which is prepared in a central hub and delivered to the schools to be warmed up.  In some cases, children choose to bring in packed lunches rather than eat these meals and food is wasted.At St. Mary’s we are lucky to have a real school kitchen and two brilliant cooks, Amanda Downes and Mel Hayter. They have been sourcing school lunches from the organic garden in the school grounds, and other local suppliers.

The Edible Garden project has employed Tia Perrella as the part-time gardener and recruited volunteers to provide boxes of fresh produce for the school kitchen. Together they have transformed lunches into healthy, tasty, popular meals and increasing number of the children at St Mary’s choose them . 

Food at St. Mary’sTo spread the message, we organised over 10 events last year, including family pizza evenings and an open day, which was part of Bridport Food Festival. A visiting act called Gordon the Rotter inspired the school to kick-start the compost group, run by the children. We built a cob oven and served over forty pizzas in a community-building event. The Kitchen Team gave cooking classes after school and created a cook book. Children were involved in growing food through the garden club after lessons. Ms Legg started the Eco-club and plans are afoot to build on the silver award by gaining The Green Flag a national eco-schools award.

The Future of healthy eating and educationThe new growing season is upon us in February. The volunteers and friends of the edible garden want to expand the use of raised beds, outdoors and in the poly tunnels; the cooking and growing workshops need to continue and the kitchen needs a freezer and other equipment to preserve the excess produce.The aim of our work is not only to educate but to empower and inspire children and parents to a better level of health and wellbeing. This in turn helps create healthier, and happier people, which means a healthier and happier Bridport.

The Reasons we are Crowd FundingHelp us to continue and expand this community-run project. This venture was initially started by HOME in Bridport and Transition Town Bridport, and has the backing of Bridport Town Council and many local companies who have generously helped in different ways. We have paid for employment of the gardener, training/expenses for the cooks and others, materials, soil and seeds for the garden. But to continue for another year we need funding. The money will also help to give several young adults training for a future career. Please show your support for the continuation of this edible garden project, by giving money and getting involved.

What are the funds for?

• Part-time gardener to supervise volunteers and teach                £1900• Materials and Equipment for the Kitchen & Garden                     £900• Volunteers expenses                                                                £700• Food and publicity for social events                                           £400

How you will be rewardedAll people who pledge money will become a member of the Edible Garden and receive a termly newsletter. Larger donations will receive a reward from a local business of food or hospitality, according to the amount pledged. These offers are published under 'rewards' and will be added to in due course

If we exceed our target amount, we would like to use this money to provide educational trips for pupils of the school and send trainee gardeners on horticultural courses.

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