The Dukeries Academy Combined Cadet Force

The Dukeries Academy Combined Cadet Force

Support The Dukeries Academy CCF and add another dimension to the cadets' training, promoting a more physical and outdoor lifestyle.

We did it!

On 20th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £940 with 8 supporters in 42 days

We are the Dukeries Academy CCF; a school based, uniformed youth organisation.

The Dukeries Academy established its CCF with a single service Army unit in 2013, when it began a partnership with the independent school, Worksop College.  In 2014 we became an independent CCF and have now taken on our own partnership school.

Deprivation is high in our area and we believe that our young people have a truly 'comprehensive' education.  The core values of the Dukeries Academy are: Aspire, Achieve, Contribute.  Although academic acheivement is at the core of  everything that we try achieve, we also want to give every young person the skills for a happy and successful life. We aim to get to know every student and unlock their true potential. 

Why we're raising funds

Our aim is to purchase a set of mountain bikes and helmets and to train one of our CCF officers to be a qualified MIAS Moutain bike leader.  Adventurous activities are a key component of the cadet experience; by having a set of mountain bikes, we will be able to create opportunities for cadets to take advantage of our wonderful countryside and engage in adventurous activities as part of their CCF syllabus.


The impact of the CCF has been immense.  Cadets have developed personal traits such as: individual self-confidence, self-esteem, pride and aspiration.

They've benefited from a holistic range of team-work and leaderships skills.  In-school behaviours, attitudes and attainments have improved, which in turn, has led to increased academic achievement and higher aspirations for themselves. All this while gaining a huge 'family of brothers and sisters'.

The mountain bikes would add another dimension to the cadets' training; promoting a more physical and outdoor lifestyle.  A variety of experiences will help to shape our young people into more rounded individuals who can demonstrate both emotional, social and physical resilience.


"As cadets, we love the military stuff that we learn, but adventurous activities are also a vital part of our programme and personal development." - Cdt Cpl Nikita Rodgers

"Getting the funding to buy mountain bikes will give greater diversity to our cadet experience." - Cdt L/Cpl Euan Wright

"The cadet experience helps our students develop into well-rounded individuals - activities which push them beyond their limits, help that to happen." - Principal Ian Barton - Dukeries Academy'

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