The Difference Between a Sentence and Sentience

by Elliott Nettleship in Leith Docks, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Difference Between a Sentence and Sentience


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To create a genre-bending narrative detailing the story of one man's (and one AI's) journey to the top of the rap game, told through hip hop

by Elliott Nettleship in Leith Docks, Scotland, United Kingdom

The year is 2028 and one man is on a path to right the wrongs of what feels like a past life. The Scientist had a shot at fame once upon a time, but failed to make his mark on the music industry.

He has been working on a project in secret for the last 5 years, something that will surely make him stand out from the crowd.

Combining a knowledge of new-age robotic engineering with a passion for hip hop, he is able to create a super smart AI that gradually learns how to spit filthy flows by analysing the voice patterns of hip hop legends who have come before him. 

Meet ARI. The Automated Rapping Interface.

The pair learn from each other and grow a close bond but as time goes on, The Scientist begins to concern himself with just how human ARI is becoming. 

With the help of Ari, will The Scientist be able to reach the heights of hip hop fame as he so desires? Or will the pressure of dealing with an ever-learning rapping robot prove too much pressure and send the pair on a twisting, turning, spiralling journey back down to Earth?

The album will feature rap music with an eclectic style of hip hop beats. Multiple characters will be introduced but primarily consist of myself as The Scientist and as the robot (by use of vocoder) as well as a narrator. 

I am currently writing all the lyrics, story and music in my spare time but require funding for studio time, graphics and all the other sheeeiiittt that goes along with producing a fully functioning album.


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Some kind of merch whether that's a t-shirt or a physical album copy with digital download.

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A vinyl copy of the album plus digital download.

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I'd send you a load of album stuff, vinyl, merch, behind the scenes and if it ever gets huge I'd give you priority to see a live version. Maybe there will be some extra songs that don't get used. Go on then, you can hear them.

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I would write you a personal letter with a signed copy of all the album forms, merch and a load of other stuff I can't even think of yet.

Let's make 'The Difference Between a Sentence and Sentience' happen