The Devils Dandruff Film Funding Campaign

Jason Cook Single Dad, Dyslexic Author and Film Producer needs your help to make the film The Devils Dandruff

We did it!

On 4th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £355 with 11 supporters in 56 days

About this project: Jason Cook Single dad dyslexic author and film producer now with your help we can not only achieve to make the film The Devils Dandruff but we can have a shot at making history as well by trying  to break world record with your help commitment donations and support. Not only will we make a strong hard hitting film we will be sending out a message that crime doesn’t pay. The film is the first in the quadrilogy of books and films starting with the first book based on true life events with the chance to go on to make more films. With your support we will create jobs and opportunities to actor’s extras and also work placements and help with learning, so why not be part of something much more then the film.

WHAT IS COCAINE THE DEVILS DANDRUFF MOVIE ABOUT...?It’s a film that shows how crime doesn’t pay. A High explosive feature-length film based on real events that has and will resonate with more than 10 million people on the planet. The screenplay has been taken from the book and Jason's incredible story and the first book by Author Jason Cook. The film combines elements of how crime doesn’t pay and the seriousness of how easy it is to get sucked in to a world of drug, guns, and gangster with sexy women and dirty cash thrown in. Based on true life stories  where one naughty line of cocaine was never enough and a thousand more was way too many. We have gone out to our investors and we now want you to be part of the film also.

Who Is  Jason Cook?

I'm an author and producer and setting out to become a filmmaker who was born and raised in Hackney in London and raised in Borehamwood  UK England. I've been developing 10 films making visual stories since 2005.  I have love everything about making movies. I've created all kinds of short films, commercials, music videos, and supported feature films and international productions that have gone in to cinema and bought back great returns. Now it’s  my time to make a cinema realise with the team and with you on board with us by investing small or big in what we have to offer you.  I always try to make awesome content and devote myself to each project with absolute passion and unleashed creativity not only with film but with books.  I have been recognised for my books now it’s time to be recognised for the films of them that I and the team will go on to make. My creations have been in newspapers, on television, have played at film festivals, and have earnt several thousand views online and also some 25,000 people who have joined our campaign about the books and eagerly wait for the film the books have helped in talks and groups  with in different communities. I  like millions of people have struggled with drugs and drug addiction and got sucked in to the criminal underworld and organised crime which many of us will be able to relate to.

WHERE ARE THE FUNDS GOING...?If this crowd funding campaign is successful, all of the funds will go towards the remaining days of production for the film, licensing an amazing soundtrack, putting together a professional audio mix, sending the film to festivals, crowdfunding project fees, reward fulfilment, digital conversion, and a limited theatrical release and leading on to a larger audience to share the movie with across the country. With you as ticket holders for the premier and then moving from the uk, out to other countries whilst also breaking a world record with the guiness book of records. All involved can go down in history and  will be able to say I was involved in that no matter how big or small your help to make this happen. If the goal of the campaign is met and then surpassed, all of the extra funds will go towards trying to break an awesome Guiness Book World Record and movie on the next film opening which will create even more opportunities and not only that but also will create jobs also not just in the film it self but jobs in marketing, accounts, make up, web design,  admin and much more. It will also make actors known to the public even more by the film’s success that we produce. We have 25,000 people and if you all gave just 15 pounds we would have enough to shoot this film and create much more than a film even if you gave just 1 pounds we would still be on our way to make a great film with a strong hard hitting message. I Jason Cook welcome you to be part of this film in this way  to open doors for others. 


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