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by FCTnetworkfund-TheDerryModel in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Derry was the epicentre of the Conflict in the North of Ireland. An extremely divided society, it has experienced ongoing sectarian division and discrimination. Derry is often described as the starting point for the 40 year conflict in the North of Ireland. An extremely divided society, it has experienced ongoing sectarian division and troubles. In the mid-90s, tensions around the Apprentice Boys’ parades through Derry in August and December, exacerbated by the standoff at Drumcree in Portadown, had led to widespread rioting in the city Centre. Through the good work of the Bloody Sunday Trust and local key Cross Community stakeholders the “Derry Model” was born out of an agreement reached over these local parades, which successfully brought together the loyal order of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, local residents and representatives from the business community.

Introduction to the project:

Given the aforementioned history of conflict in Derry and the fragility of political situation of post-conflict states exacerbated by poor socio-economic conditions, it is a huge success to bring together a community after the deep-rooted sectarian issues associated with the Apprentice Boys’ of Derry. Therefore, the ‘Derry Model’ is a method that can be applied in working towards peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Using the people of Derry to help others in divided and vulnerable societies by creating a conflict transformation and peace building project referred to as the ‘Derry Model.’ 


Details of the project:

The project aims to mirror and teach others nationally and internationally who struggle with conflict related and social justice issues to tap into the resources from protagonists in the conflict in Derry. These protagonists are best equipped to share the journey of reconciliation and peace building – offering a template for other divided societies to mirror. The use of the ‘Derry Model’ as a tried-and-tested method in mitigating violence and reconciliatory dialogue.

Please access full project description and download the report here 

What is the Derry Model?

The Derry Modelcan be described specifically as the set of unique circumstances in Northern Ireland that led to a process of peace and reconciliation that eventually led to a power-sharing council in the North; a public apology by the former Prime Minister David Cameron and an all-round consensus of the importance of peace and reconciliation. Although the Derry Model is born out of unique circumstances in Northern Ireland, these circumstances highlight principles that can be applied to many conflicts. The principles of leadership and risk-taking amplified by the Derry Model can transcend language and borders, thus the Derry Model cannot be confined to Derry but has the potential to aid reconciliation and dialogue in many conflict areas.


The Derry Model also understands that justice is not one-dimensional and can have various meanings for different people; thus, knowing that there is not just one sense of justice whilst the UN’s position on peace and security undergoes a reformation to incorporate more local actors and initiatives positions the Derry Model to be teachable, forward-thinking framework as well as applicable to various conflicts due to its multi-dimensional approach with local actors at the core of its success.

This would put into context our plans for the Derry Model and affirms our goals for its potential in Derry and beyond:

 With you support Derry Model will achieve:

  • a clear definition and consensus on this as a brand: "The Derry Model"


  • an ongoing progress assessment of the Derry Model


  • A clear and concise business plan, future objectives and strategies for the Derry Model, to include the Conflict Transformation Hub.

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