The Deception of Man and All things Wonderful

A short fantasy/drama film based on a girl in a manipulative relationship. We hope to highlight the importance of female independence...

We did it!

On 27th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £321 of £300 target with 17 supporters in 49 days

New stretch target

We're very excited to go into our 'over funding' as this will mean so much for us as filmmakers. Not only will this ensure we can provide better resources for out cast and crew but also a larger space for screening the film to raise awareness for its sensitive subject! 

We're looking at making a short coming of age film based on an eighteen year old girl in a manipulative relationship. With added elements of fantasy, drama and surrealism we are hoping to highlight the importance of female independence and recognise how subtle domestic abuse can be, especially between younger couples. By doing this we hope to raise awareness, particularly to other students of whatever age, of the emotional and social impact of domestic abuse and its many forms that often go unnoticed by the public.

We're two Student Producers looking to bring our film idea to life in March! As Students it can be challenging to find funding and (as our loans are needed for paying rent/food bills/books ect) its difficult to put in any of our own money to fund our projects. This project has been in the works for nearly a year now but we've never had the time or money to actually film it! Have a read of our log lines and watch our project video to get an idea of the film we want to create, we've set a number of rewards for those who pledge and we hope you'll be one of them!

Log Line: Alex is eighteen, still trying to figure out her long time boyfriend Charlie and his deceiving ways. But what happens when he gets the better of her?

In the heart of the forest, you find your deepest fears.

In the heart of the forest, the animals gather.

In the heart of the forest, you find your dreams.

In the heart of the forest, there is hope.

In the heart of the forest, you find yourself.

*        *         * 

Our funding will be used for;  catering, location costs, costume and make up for cast and hopefully give us the ability to attain an appropriate screening space for when the film is finished!

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