The Deadly Storm Book

The Deadly Storm Book

Albie Merani tailed by two men, finds a malevolent storm is on horizon, his girlfriend and a deadly device have vanished. Needs editing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Albie Merani tailed by two men, finds a malevolent storm is on horizon, his girlfriend and a deadly device have vanished.

Palmerston North artistic writer Geri Townsley who writes under the pen name of Rw Rivers and G.R Townsley is known for her creative writing talent.

A science fiction thriller book set of an alien world is a hard sell in the current market, especially after the 2008 financial crisis. Publishers around the world have been rejecting books written by unknown creative authors (like me) and, now that eBook and self-publishing house are on the Internet has resulted, in a real risk for literary publishers. The scifi book climate was not as it was. Before a publisher will even look at your manuscript an assessor must first assess it.

There was a time when books like mine flew off the shelves, but those days are long gone. The modern day consumer has less of an interest in science fiction paperbacks and that deficiency has led to the closure of local book shops! So Kickstarter is my only avenue to help publish my story: Albie Merani and The Deadly Storm. In essence, I need your help!

What happens in this Adventure?

Albie Merani a young scientist find things have gone astray, assaulted by two men, discovers a malevolent storm is on horizon, his girlfriend & a deadly device have vanished.

Time is running out for Albie Merani and his friends all the while tailed by two eerie and mysterious men things take a turn for the worse when he returns from an unexpected trip. Finds his girlfriend is missing, he has to find her, and the deadly device cable of wiping life out, as we know it. Before a malevolent storm jeopardizes the safety and security of those, he loves.

The year is 1854 - The planet Zaron an unstable world, where continents continuously drift along to, forever rove nomadically move across land and sea in search of new places in which to reside. Zaron is a united planet people there are encouraged to live their dreams. As a whirling maelstrom of strong winds in the southern Larnis Ocean formed a blue light burst from within, then a ship a long triple massed steamer appeared out of nowhere to burst beyond it's normal speed. As people walking along a beach close to a small provincial town of Parvis Beach sprinted out of the way after seeing a ship coming toward them.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the Captain's eyes wide open shouted in urgency at his first officer seeing jagged rocks on the horizon the ship swerved in time to miss them by fractions of an inch. Lightening crossed the sky with strong winds putting pressure on the ship forced it toward Parvis Beach’s pristine beach with golden sand across its surface. People after hearing a loud horn brought them on the scene to help passengers and the ship’s crew’s to disembark from their beautiful but grounded ship.

How much should I give to the Albie Merani project?

Well I need ten thousand pouns to edit Albie Merani book one however, a book accessor said after an edit this book would make a great young adult book for readers to read. All it now requires is a proofread and an edit. Then it'll be ready for publishing.

Funding from crowd funding will help with editing fee. Any extra raised with go towards; paperback book distribution through Lightening Source Australia, send out press releases, print bookmarks and upgrade my website.

Consider how much you'd pay for a paperback or hardback book - you will find you are drawn in to something special and will have the pleasure of knowing you've helped to share my story.


I plan of offer supporters book one paperback for $5 and hardback edition for $15.