The Dancing Grannies - Help Us Get To Hollywood

by Benjamin_Field in Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Fizzog Productions (AKA The Dancing Grannies) have the chance to get a feature film made, they just need to make the proof of concept first

by Benjamin_Field in Birmingham, West Midlands, England

We did it
On 1st March 2018 we successfully raised £640 with 29 supporters in 28 days

The Dancing Grannies are well known on the internet, a viral phenomenon with over 350 million hits across social media.  (

Over the last 6 months we (Fizzog Productions AKA 'The Dancing Grannies')  have been developing a feature film script with London Independent Film Award winning writer/director Benjamin Field.

During December & January the project received attention from a number of high profile Film Distributors and some  amazing Film Producers. 

This is amazing but in order to get the film properly funded we need to make a proof of concept, known as a 'teaser tape'. A teaser tape will consist of short excerpts of the script which will be shown to producers and investors alike.

We  are relying on a lot of good will from our friends to come and work on the teaser for no financial gain and we don't intend to take any money from the pot for ourselves. 

The money we raise will go towards hiring film equipment, some  mobility scooters and maybe a large explosion.

It's a hugely exciting project and you can get involved with the process and be part of the fun!

If you feel like you are able to donate anything towards our goal we would be hugely grateful.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

A Small Granny

A Postcard from The Dancing Grannies

£20 or more

A Smiling Granny

The above plus a pair of Dancing Granny Pants.

£50 or more

A Running Granny

The above plus a personalised video from the Dancing Grannies

£75 or more

A Freestanding Granny

The above plus be a guest on The Fizzog's Black Country Radio show!

£100 or more

A Drunk Granny

The above plus Tea with The Fizzogs

£250 or more

A Sweet Granny

The above plus spend a day on the film set with The Fizzogs. (Includes Food and Drink)

£500 or more

A Dancing Granny

All of the above plus be an extra in the teaser and your name in the credits

£1,000 or more

A Delirious Granny

All of the above plus a personal live performance by the Dancing Grannies!

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