The Dacy Project Launch

The Dacy Project Launch

To encourage people to grow their own food, maintain healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise and support local food and drink producers

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What do we want to do?

We believe it is vitally important to educate and encourage as many people as possible to grow their own food. The benefits of doing go beyond simply eating healthier, it encourages people to be more active, to be more self-sufficient, to interact more as a community and to understand and respect food a lot more.

This respect will then filter through to people being more supportive of local farmers and food and drink suppliers. This is another of our key beliefs, people need to take more advantage of the amazing food and drink available from local suppliers.

Our aims;

·       Encourage people to grow their own fruit and veg

·       Educate communities with the benefits of home grown food

·       Encourage healthier lifestyle through diet

·       Encourage healthier lifestyle through exercise

·       Educate communities to support local farmers and small independent food and drink producers

These aims will be delivered through the following objectives;

·       Providing free equipment, seeds and advice for people to grow at home

·       Providing free opportunities for different communities to take part in growing activities with demonstrations and guidance, this will focus on school groups and activities within the local community

·       Providing free information on eating healthy and recipe ideas

·       Providing free exercise opportunities to communities

·       Open a project base/centre/farm to provide the following

o   Growing areas for lots of different fruit and vegetables

o   Open space to be used for exercise sessions

o   Indoor and outdoor space to be used to hold events such as farmers markets, family fun days, school education trips, open air cinemas, camping events, BBQs, music festivals, sporting competitions, food events and beer festivals

·       A cafe to sell food and drink grown ourselves and from local suppliers