Our project will allow ALL children to access creativity. Help us to inspire, educate, develop and nurture young people through dance.

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“Breathtaking… I really wish all children could be introduced to dance in this way.” Audience member

Who we are

The D project is a UK dance company based in the North East that works to engage and inspire young people.

We are providers of quality dance projects in education and the community, through performances, workshops and events.  As a company, we have been contributing to strategic dance work across the Tees Valley and North East for over 10 years, enabling new experiences, creating accessible work; developing and inspiring young people through dance.

What are we doing?

With your support we will be able to develop our new production HEDGE, a dance theatre production for children age 4+ performed in theatres and unusual spaces.

Our ethos is to create a space that can capture and encourage the imagination of children, specifically those who you may not normally have access to dance.

Through our invested support of the development of young people, The D Project inspire a record of educational and outreach participation spanning across ages 3-19 with an average of 679 participants every week having access to an enriching program of classes and interactive workshops. 

Our record of work to date has proven that by nurturing the development of creativity in early years, we can advance many vital learning skills including elements of Motor Skills, Language Development and Communication, Decision Making, Visual Learning, and Cultural Awareness.

With your help we can further this reach.



HEDGE is FUN , FRESH and EXCITING, drawing in children and adults alike to experience a performance with a difference. Welcome to a story about bravery, in a world that is ever changing; exploring the story of a hedgehog waking up from hibernation and everything is not as it once was.

Expect to get involved, get attached , and see the world through tiny eyes!

HEDGE combines the magic of dance and puppetry to create a playful, friendly atmospheric performance space for young ones, where they will be encouraged to explore their space and be taken on the hedgehogs story as it discovers how to be brave.  Families of all ages can enjoy this performance .


What do we need from you?

In order to support The D Project and the creation of this community led performance- HEDGE, we are asking  for a donation to support our outreach program & materials that will create the magical surroundings and costume for this production.

Here is some of our inspiration for the making of HEDGE... Your support will help us achieve this!


Our Outreach Programme: 

Play with scale through movement and dance, interacting with props and letting your
imagination run wild as we delve into a world where anything is possible!

 Explore all things BIG, grand and spectacular through movement! How can we make
ourselves large, how big can we make things collectively.

This fun workshop as part of our outreach programme will help build the confidence to be bigger in more ways than one!

Your help will make this possible!

Thank you,

The D Project Team

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