The Crop Club - Community Supporting Home Growers

We want to help reconnect communities through the joy of growing your own food, encouraging and supporting people to grow, connect and share

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Support us by buying one of our gardening packs and becoming a member of the Crop Club community!

We sell sustainable gardening packs and are creating a supportive community to help people grow, connect and share.

We will help you connect with other members and support each other so you can share the journey.


You don’t need a garden to grow your own food. Our bags are perfect for balconies, doorsteps, decking, patios..anywhere really!

Our planter bags are compact and designed for small spaces such as balconies or yards.

We reclaim coffee sacks which make the perfect environment for growing. Each planter bag is unique and beautiful.


Growing your own food gives you access to fresh healthy food on your doorstep! You can cook with fresh healthy ingredients.

Our kids packs get kids off their phones and tablets, away from the tv and back outdoors. They are designed to be a fun project you can do together. You can encourage healthy eating and teach kids all about how we grow food.

Watch The Crop Club come to life!

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What might I grow?

We guarantee you will get at least 10 varieties of seeds, including vegetables, herbs and edible flowers with an emphasis on colour!

  What makes The Crop Club special?

Our packs combine vegetables, herbs and edible flowers

Our packs encourage biodiversity and support insect life

We strive to source sustainable and ethical products

Our combination of plants are designed to naturally deter pests   

We will support you throughout your growing journey

We educate about sustainable living and get you outdoors and back to nature


The Rewards!

 What will I get in the packs?

Our packs contain a variety of products selected because they meet our ethical and sustainable criteria. We have a strong focus on products made in the UK although this has been a tough process! It is surprising how hard it can be to find certain products manufactured in the UK. We will always be honest about exactly where our materials products are sourced and made, we work hard to get the relevant information from our suppliers.

By buying a pack are you are invited to become a member of The Crop Club community!


Adult Pack

There are two different options, the deluxe pack with bamboo gardening hand tools or an adult pack without the tools. 



Kids Pack

Kids packs are very similar to the adult packs but with tools made from recycled plastic and no twine snips. Inside our kids packs you will also find a pencil made out of recycled money and colouring pencils made from rolled recycled paper. The cardboard pots are matt and easy for kids to colour in and decorate. The kids packs come with wooden spoons to create markers so even if they cant write very well they can decorate and draw picture in the spoon area and have help writing the name on the neck. Kids love the variety of materials and the stories behind them all! It all comes packaged in one of our beautiful fairtrade cotton bags.


Bamboo Garden Tools

For £18 you can buy this beautiful set of bamboo hand tools. Everyone is unique and very tactile. They are very light but incredibly strong.


Fairtrade Cotton Bag

For £10 you can buy a  beautiful high quality Fairtrade cotton bag and receive a thank you on the website.

Or if you want to spend a little more, all our gardening packs come with a Fairtrade cotton bag which acts as the product packaging.


Sustainability is at the heart of The Crop Club. I am Dr Rose Deakin and I am the founder of The Crop Club. My Ph.D was studying the selection of sustainable materials for mass manufactured products. I am using that knowledge to help me build a sustainable company and work with suppliers to ensure the products I sell meet strict guidelines.



£5,000 target breakdown:

If I reach my target of £5,000 this is how the money shall be spent:

  • £2,500 to buy in the products to deliver rewards
  • £600 packaging and delivery
  • £400 Crowdfunder and payment fees
  • £500 attend events to promote The Crop Club
  • £1000 buy in stock for events

We need your support to spread the word and help build up The Crop Club community. We are using crowdfunder to create the first communtiy of members who will then be involved in the development and future of the community. We are raising funds to invest in the company in order to attend events this summer to promote the brand, buy stock for these events and improve our website. We only have a basic website currently but money raised from Crowdfunder will fund the development of this.


Please visit to find out more about The Crop Club.


Thank you and I look forward to chatting with you in The Crop Club community.