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Raising money for my partner so he can follow his dreams and become a professional writer and gain the relevant qualifications / degrees.

by Andrew King in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

All contributions welcome to put money towards James’s tuition fees, allowing him to follow his dreams into becoming a professional writer; whether you are man yourself, and have suffered from mental health issues, sexual abuse and mental illness, or whether you are the family, friend or partner like myself, who have watched their loved ones eaten alive by their minds.

After my Partner, James was diagnosed with psychosis, clinical depression, PTDS and personality disorder myself and his family looked for comfort in the situation and found little. James works with the NHS (South Eastern Trust) as much as they have helped,they have also caused trauma rather than easing the pain of having a loved one sectioned in an institution. He has now been in and out of a psychiatric ward for young adults since October 2017, the longest he has ever been sectioned.

The problematic discourse around men and mental health/ Historic child abuse  reinforces the prejudice and stereotypes in place that drag the male self and ego into the ground - vulnerability and fragility framed as a defect and a weakness.  Mental health and historical child abuse is often accompanied with unfavourable language that fuels suppression, denial and destruction of yourself and those around you.

Although men and mental health is being addressed more and more by professionals and the media, many men are still reluctant to seek help and signs of distress are often left undiagnosed until it is too late. These approaches are found by many men to be inaccessible, forced and patronising.  In the UK, only 15-19% of men would seek help from their GP for anxiety or depressive tendencies; and only 36% of referrals to IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) are men.  

In 2015, 75% of all suicides in the UK were by men. Now, 84 men in the UK take their own lives every week.

I am looking for it to also be a longstanding platform and forum for men of all ages and backgrounds to discuss and share their feelings of themselves and of life, to celebrate both the highs and the lows; championing both their strengths and their weaknesses.

I want to speak honestly, however dark; and say that whilst things may not get better, they are manageable and accepted.

So please, let’s get James on his way to becoming the professional writer / poet that he so deserves to be. 

Let's make 'The Creative Corner' happen