cancer treatment accommodation

by Barbara McGregor in Huntly, Scotland, United Kingdom

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My aim is to raise enough to help pay for the accommodation while undergoing treatment for Cancer.

by Barbara McGregor in Huntly, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm not a person who often wears my heart on my sleeve but, when you are given that diagnosis and you hear the words cancer, your world shatters around you. You're then faced with many decisions to make over a very short time. Your fight and your path to recovery begins and, for a lot of it, you're just a passenger being swept along. I am one of the very lucky ones. I'm going to beat this and I will make a full recovery Part of the recovery, I need to attend the ARI to have Chemo and radium, I will first face chemo once every 3 weeks or so and then once that treatment is complete I will be given radium.  This will happen within the next 5 weeks. I live in Huntly and I am now faced with another fight and that is making it to the hospital every week during the winter. So I am seeking funds to allow me to not only stay in town but to remove so much stress out of this step by allowing me to seek the help and support for the emotional part of the journey. We all need that at times. 

Any money raised will be used towards my cause and if left over it will be donated to Clan Aberdeen. 

So i ask you today if you could help that is great any little helps. Update; this post has been edited to reflect an update that I now have oestrogen positive breast cancer in both breasts. The plans for treatment are changing and will now include chemotherapy for a length of time yet to be decided. Next core biopsy is Tuesday 23rd October 2018 and an update will be added in two weeks, we have only 20 odd days of this fund raising left but I will add yet another fundraising post later. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and thanks in advance to each and everyone of you who is willing and messaged me privately. Good bless you all. 

Thanks in advance. 


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