The Cornish Cottage Garden

by Bryony Jones in Grampound Road, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 25th February 2021 we successfully raised £2,025 with 55 supporters in 28 days

We aim to produce British Flowers, grown in the Cornish Countryside in an environmentally conscious way. Local blooms from us to you.

by Bryony Jones in Grampound Road, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Additional funding would allow us to expand our 300 square meter plot further, simply meaning more flowers for more local homes in the local area. This takes more compost, more wood chip and more work which is done with hand tools to further our aim to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The Cornish Cottage Garden

Is a new start up micro flower farm with big dreams to bring sustainable and environmentally conscious blooms to the community in Mid-Cornwall.

Who am I?
My name is Bryony (Bry to most) and I’m a year one artisan flower grower based in the beautiful Cornish countryside near Grampound Road.


How did I get here?
After developing an exceptional obsession with growing plants and transforming my garden during 2020 I have taken the plunge and decided to create a fabulous cutting garden to provide British flowers to the Cornish community throughout the season and my greenhouse is already a hive of activity with many exciting plans for the rest of the year to come.

As well as growing flowers, I work a full-time office job, am owned by 2 collie dogs and keep my horse Monty (who is also my manure production manager) nearby. 

I love a challenge, to keep busy and positive and enjoy sharing the journey with you! 

You don’t get flowers without a bit of rain.
But I suppose I’ll share how my passion for growing started, quite simply my health has dictated that I need to be more involved with nature. Growing and nurturing things has in turn helped me to grow and nurture myself and I couldn’t look back now.

I went through an overwhelming stage in my life where I was suffering with panic attacks from first rise to last light. They’d happen unpredictably (apart from the first which always came as I descended the stairs to begin my day) and as my chest closed and my heart began to beat erratically, out of sync, painfully palpitating I felt sure that I was going to die. As my breathe became more and more laboured, desperate for oxygen that somehow became a thick soup being sucked through a tiny straw- I knew that I needed help.

Which thankfully I received from some kind and patient people in my life. 

Beginning to rebuild my life again from that pivotal time involved surrounding myself with life during a chapter where I felt pretty lifeless. I began to get into a routine of watering my plants, growing some seeds, pottering. Creating a reason to be excited for the future, but engaging in a practice to focus on being right here in the present and not a moment outside of that. 

Why am I telling you this you may wonder. I guess you could say that it’s my testimony that hard times don’t last forever and bringing a bit of beauty and nature into your home can make the the world of difference to how you feel. 

I’m turning my passion for growing into a beautiful flower garden. 

But, beautiful flowers take time, patience, compost (lots and lots of it) and tools.

Sustainable blooms so you can send a kind thought to a loved one, that’s equally as kind to the environment.
We plan to maintain our 300 square meter flower plot in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of chemicals and pesticides which harm wildlife and the planet. We actively wish to nurture the soil with a ‘no dig’ ethos meaning that soil life is undisturbed and improved over time in a world where soil erosion is a very real threat.

We will keep our carbon footprint low and help the community to do so by providing a viable option to purchase flowers locally, the average shop bought bouquet has travelled 4000 miles to get to your home and we believe that there is so much beauty and choice available that can be grown in our climate that there really needs to be a choice to shop in an environmentally sustainable and conscious way.
Funding will help us to build a polytunnel to extend the flowering season to lengthen the time period in which this local and sustainable option is available. It would allow us to purchase compost and wood chip to feed the soil and therefore the flowering plants in the kindest way to the planet. Funding would also allow us to purchase a shed and tools to be housed at the growing site so we can reduce our mileage needed to transport necessary work items. And your support would mean the world to us to make this dream a reality.

Rewards will have our beautiful Cornish Cottage Garden logo: 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Pick your own flower experience

Pick your own bouquet experience. 2 May attend and meander through the flower beds picking your own stems to create 1 gorgeous personal bouquet.

£15 or more

£15 Reward

A Cornish Cottage Garden branded tote bag

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Get a Cornish Cottage garden jam jar posie to display in your home. Local collection Grampound Road

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A Cornish Cottage Garden branded Mug to call your own as reward for your generous support.

£25 or more

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A Cornish Cottage Garden T-shirt

Receive a T-shirt branded with our gorgeous Cornish Cottage Garden logo.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

Get a bouquet of Cornish Cottage Garden blooms for local collection in Grampound Road

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A Cornish Cottage Garden branded mug and tote bag to shop without the need to use single use plastic bags

£75 or more

£75 Reward

Get a Cornish Cottage garden, T-shirt, mug and tote-bag

£90 or more

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Pick your own experience for two.

A pick your own bouquet experience for 2 people. Meander through the flower beds picking your favourite flowers to create a stunning bouquet each to take home.

£100 or more

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Flower Club Subscription

A 3 month subscription to receive one Cornish Cottage Garden bouquet per month for local collection (or delivery within 5 miles) picked to perfection just for you.

£120 or more

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DIY wedding flowers

Getting married in 2021? This one is for you! Receive buckets of blooms, enough to create a gorgeous bridal bouquet and 2 bridesmaid posies. You pick the date required!

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