The Control Tower Needs You!

Having restored the Control Tower now it's time to turn "The Annex" into an Art Deco haven for guests including those with children & pets

We did it!

On 21st Mar 2015 we successfully raised £16,101 of £15,400 target with 132 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Wow - we didn't expect to get this far. We are amazed by the level of response to our proposal.

Now that we have got this far what we would ideally like to add to the Stirling Suite are some high quality Crittall-style replacement windows to match those in the tower.

Windows like these:


Having restored the Control Tower now it's time to turn "The Annex" into an Art Deco haven for guests including those with children & pets.

We are looking for funders to invest in our renovation project by offering you a range of rewards.

The Project

We want to raise £15,400. The aim is to renovate an outbuilding that already has planning permission, into luxury Bed & Breakfast accommodation.  This will add to the existing offer at the Control Tower of two luxury B&B bedrooms full of period charm. The new ‘Stirling Suite’ (named after the Short Stirling MKIII - one of the bomber types that flew from the second world war airfield for which this was the tower) will be a double room with original art deco en suite bathroom and have a sitting/breakfast area furnished with period furniture as well. The added bonus of this extra accommodation will be that this suite will be large enough for people to stay with pets or children; this has been a barrier for some potential guests up to now. It also has a lovely view across the garden to the mature trees and meadow from original Crittall patio doors, not to mention a view to the Control Tower! It will also be more accessible for those who find stairs difficult as it is all on one level. 

This building is a later addition in the area around the Control Tower and is currently an eyesore as it detracts from the original modernist beauty of the Control Tower. It is also an opportunity for those with pets or young children who have not yet been able to stay the chance to make it possible.

The Control Tower Bed and Breakfast



About Us

Ni and I met in 1993 whilst studying for an Environmental Science Degree in London. Together we have kindled a passion for 20th Century style especially modernism and art deco design, a passion that fits very well with our eco principles

We moved to Norfolk when we bought the Control Tower in October 2011 with the aim of setting up not only our home but also a new shared livelihood of a small unique Art Deco B&B alongside our wedding car hire service with our 3 British classic cars of the 60s.

For us, this was a dream come true as not only did the Control Tower fit our desire to own a modernist building it also awakened a desire to understand its place in history; we have become passionate about its past as we are about its future...


The Works

The main costs are getting the building works done. We need to re-roof, render the outside, insulate it, replace windows, flooring, plumbing, heating, wiring etc. The style inside and out will be in keeping with the Control Tower’s 1940s look and feel.

The Annex as it is currently...


Why Crowd funding?

We love the concept of crowd funding – it gives people the opportunity to invest in things they believe in during a time when banks are being ever more cautious about lending. We also feel that now we have a proven track record to deliver; when, just over three years we began the renovations to make the Control Tower our home we illustrated, we hope, our passion for both the period and the history of this incredibly important building and those that have followed us on this journey know that this will be more of the same. Since we’ve taken on the Control Tower project many people have congratulated us on saving a piece of history, this is an opportunity to be part of that.


The Rewards

We have a range of possible pledges from £25 - £925. Each of the rewards gives a much greater value offer than the amount pledged and something you couldn’t buy “off the shelf”. We are also making each funder a ‘Friend of the Control Tower’ which will have ongoing benefits for years to come.

These are the £100 reward hand painted block printed original art of the Control Tower by Lewis Orchard


Images of The Control Tower (old North Creake Airfield) in 1945 by Sgt Norman Tunrbull

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