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Raising Money for a new Centrist Libertarian Political Party

by The Constitutional Liberty Party in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom


The primary goal of leading a political party, similarly, with any leadership role, is the ability to see the bigger picture, outline a solution to address all concerns while ensuring the leadership vision and an effective roadmap will benefit everybody. An important part of this is to first understand the problems, liaise with those affected and acting in the best interests of all. It is vitally important, any democratically elected leadership should not only understand these issues, but also have a clear vision to remedy the problems.

The Constitutional Liberty Party will address a variety of issues, whether that’s the rising cost of living, reduction in employment prospects, a reliable and working health system or the lack of affordable and good quality housing. These constantly evolving pressures, in growth and complexity, have been continually failed by previous governments with a mostly neutral and indecisive opposition.  

The Constitutional Liberty Party will implement a departure from the legacy political climate with a new breed of leaders to represent their constituents and implement a new vision with an innovative approach that works for everyone, one been lacking from the political and economic climate thus far.

As the only party that will do just that, we will make the promises, and stand by those promises and to ensure that the citizens of United Kingdom as individuals and as a nation, thrive and prosper equally, not only domestically, but on an international level.

The UK Economy, currently heading towards fiscal instability. The fine line between Government and Corporations has become questionable through joint sponsored state policy, while acting as a residual bulwark to national prosperity, and predicted to produce only a 1.3% Growth in 2018, down from 1.8% in 2017 and 1.9% in 2016. The restrictive political offering has produced the unnecessary extremism and resulting division in the UK that plagues us today.

The Constitutional Liberty Party, typically with most requirements, was born out of necessity. The continued observation and experience of constant and mostly unnecessary pressures and challenges presented by various governments and political constitutionalists over the years, gave rise to the idea of an alternative, to ensure the delivery of a new vision for a real and sustainable economic goal to deliver prosperity for the UK and its citizens.

The only way to deliver the Constitutional Liberty Party vision, is to install a forward-thinking Government that is as innovative as it is proactive. Simply put, the Constitutional Liberty Party will be a forward-thinking government, promoting fairness and integrity, to deliver a real and sustainable goal for the UK. Acting promptly to remedy looming issues and arising concerns, whether that be the lack of affordable housing or the growing strain on the NHS.

We will work to reinstate the international standing of the United Kingdom on a global scale as the best place to do business, firstly we will transform the time it takes to launch, operate and invest in new businesses, transform and automate the revenue system, to ensure everybody pays their fair share, help small businesses by reducing the Corporation Tax and increasing employment prospects, while taxing larger companies more and changing the tax policy to prevent tax avoidance and offshore ‘safe havens’.

We will implement and lead the way with the National Skills Regeneration Programme (NSRP) to prepare our country for the future of work while preventing unnecessary unemployment and diminishing living standards that lead to poverty.

With a forthcoming research paper, we will make homelessness illegal, where no private landlord, or a local authority, will be allowed to make anyone homeless, and we will further prevent the causes and re-occurrences of Poverty in the UK with a legislative Homelessness and Poverty Eradication (HoPE) Programme being rolled out to all Local Authorities in the UK.

We will prepare our economy for the technological wind change in skills and employment, by implementing the national programme, to train and place into employment, emerging and shortfall industry requirements, for careers such as Automation, AI and Machine Learning, while helping the NHS and the Education system with separate initiatives to place more home-grown medical and teaching staff into education and the health service while ensuring there is a real and adequate pay rise for public sector staff of 3.6% immediately.

This will allow a Constitutional Liberty Party Government to permanently eliminate our unnecessary staff shortages and the avoidable A&E waiting times while reducing admission delays and hospital waiting lists.

The Constitutional Liberty Party has one simple and achievable goal, with fairness and transparency, we will lead the country into the next phase of our evolution. We will aim to reboot the economic engine from its current and stagnant 1.3% growth to 2.8%.

The Constitutional Liberty Party, will be the only Political Party to publish and make publicly available, all the Party’s election and campaign expenditure via a dedicated site for the sole purpose of transparency.

The Constitutional Liberty Party will further ensure that the party itself, its members, political candidates, its members of parliament and internal staff adhere to the strictest code of conduct in line with Public Interest, to promote Transparency, Equality, Fairness, and above all, National Interest.

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Local Executive Committee Membership (annual)

LEC (Local Executive Committee) Membership, at the cost of £3 per month, will allow members to have a say and vote in local issues and policies affecting their constituents. LEC members will join the Local Executive Committee and share their views and votes at LEC Conferences and gatherings.

£60 or more

Regional Executive Committee Membership (annual)

REC Membership REC (Regional Executive Committee) Membership, at the cost of £5 per month, will allow members to have a say and vote in regional issues outside their constituency and policies affecting their constituents. REC members will join the Regional Executive Committee and share their views and votes at REC Conferences and gatherings.

£84 or more

National Executive Committee Membership (annual)

NEC Membership NEC (National Executive Committee) Membership, at the cost of £7 per month, will allow members to have a say and vote in national issues of importance outside their constituency and national policies affecting their constituency and the party including manifesto pledges, generally. NEC members will join the National Executive Committee and share their views and votes at NEC Conferences and gatherings

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