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The Conscious Cake Company

Delicious artisan cakes, organic, vegan and free from cane sugar, wheat and gluten - and a remarkable conscious business changing the world.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £406 with 14 supporters in 95 days

Well hello there! 

Thank you for taking the time to watch the pitch for The Conscious Cake Company, which will give you a flavour of the the remarkable game-changing vision and the amazing concepts behind these gorgeous healthy cakes.

90 seconds isn't long enough however to share all you need to know about why we have submitted a pitch to VOOM 2016, so here you will find a description of all you need to vote for us. 


The Business 

The Conscious Cake Company is way more than a business.

It's a movement.

The food bit is that it is a conscious business selling delicious artisan healthy cupcakes that are organic, vegan and free from cane sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts, GMOs and pesticides.

It's not just about the cakes - there is a whole organic range including porridge, granola, soups, salads, popcorn, brownies, flapjacks, kale crisps, smoothies and juices to name a few – all of which are vegan and free from wheat, gluten and cane sugar. There are another three very special ranges of unique (and currently top secret!) goodies on the menu too, including a chocolate that is designed to change the nature of the conversation we are all having around health. 

We're not just about food though. We're about shaking things up a little; starting new conversations, inspiring people around the world to think differently about business, sustainability, the environment, health, food - and having a lot of fun along the way. 

Following the “Triple P” approach to business (Profit + People + Planet), we believe that how we run businesses can change the world.

This is a for-profit philanthropic business. As it evolves and expands, we are looking to:

  • Employ awesome people who love baking & love people
  • Create a brilliant place to work with game-changing training and development opportunities, working experiences & benefits 
  • Provide the best induction process in the world (developed by Danica, the Founder, whose background is as a psychologist, training specialist and executive coach)
  • Send people home after their 40 hour weeks – because they have a life to live and love. And if they’re happy, the cakes are filled with happiness – and you feel happiness eating them
  • Encourage staff to volunteer for a charity during working hours
  • Give a significant proportion of our profits to make a difference to people and the planet, after all our business expenses and investments are covered
  • Use completely natural environment and people-friendly cleaning products that still meet Food Standards requirements
  • Furnish our cafes with eco-furniture that is free from flame retardants and other toxic chemicals, such as wool sofas 
  • Decorate using only green and eco-friendly materials, modelling the remarkable quality of natural materials, including eco-friendly paints
  • Use hemp packaging and hemp for clothing, aprons and tea towels, as probably one of the most eco-friendly sustainable crops in the world
  • Develop our own resuable portable steel branded cutlery kit that people can wash in in the cafe and pop into their bags afterwards to save using plastic 
  • Use 100% electric delivery vehicles, which are powered with electricty from 100% renewable sources as used in the cafe and the whole business  
  • Install vertical gardens, growing some of the organic ingredients we use ourselves
  • Have child-friendly zones for children to play in 
  • Invest ourselves only in companies that love people and the planet
  • Be part of the movement of change in the culture of the food industry so that it is recognised that happy chefs make healthier food - and share the science that demonstrates that this is true (no shouting in our kitchens!!)
  • Embed a strengths approach throughout the business, as recommended by occupational and positive psychologists the world over, as a way of creating a positive, engaged high performing team 
  • Embed training in healing modalities, such as Reiki, for each member of the team 
  • Once a fully profit making business, pay everyone well, starting at £35,000 pa - and prove that this is sustainable and good for the economy. We don't believe it is ethical or morally right for profit making businesses to pay their staff so little that they have to have their income supplemented by the Government 
  • Inspire individuals and the business community through talks and seminars to realise that how we spend our money directly contributes to the health of the planet and all of us living on it - that we can all Buy The Change. You can find out more about this powerful message here.

We believe business has the power to change the world. So many resources, including people, are within business. We are part of the movement for change that believes we can use money to do great things.

We plan to do GREAT things.

And just in case you weren't sure if it's possible to make free from cakes delicious.....having supplied the multi-award winning Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton with 3 mini Indian-themed cakes for 6 months, we know how much they are loved because some customers were still asking for the cakes a year after the project came to an end!  

Here is a link to some fun video testimonials to prove how much people love them. 

And while we're here, you can watch Danica & her 6 year old dude (who inspired the cakes) in the kitchen here. And Danica's longer pitch where she talks more about conscious business (which didn't make the 90 second cut!) here. 


The 5 year plan.....

Year 1

Our own café showcasing the decorating of the cakes. The kitchen will have the capacity to make 1000 cupcakes per day, some to be sold in the café, and some to be delivered to local business units and online ordering, in addtion to other foods. 

Year 2

Pop up concessions in 5 railway stations, including Victoria, Kings Cross, Euston, Waterloo & London Bridge.

Pop up concession in Selfridges. Supply to Planet Organic & Wholefoods

Minimum salary £35,000 pa for every employee, once fully profit making. 

Training & Development budget to be 5% of the salary of each employee. 

Year 3

Open a larger kitchen to accommodate growth.

Year 4

Franchise the business to different UK locations.

Year 5

Franchise the business to New York & California (USA)

Prepare for franchises to Canada and Australia in Year 6.

Why I have applied to VOOM 2016

Aside from loving Richard Branson and Virgin - the brand, the message, the innovation, the entrepreneurialism, the inspiration...........

It is time for The Conscious Cake Company to open its first cafe in London and take its message of an innovative approach to food alongside conscious business out into the world. There is a crowdfunding pitch to raise the funds to cover the initial costs needed to get off the ground. 

I honestly can't think of a more exciting opportunity to present a visionary business than to a visionary business leader, and to share a platform with other amazing businesses doing something remarkable. 

........and how it all began. 

I could really fluff this story up, and make it about success, greater success and yet more stratospheric success. But as every entrepreneur knows, we have to break a few eggs before we make an omlette (see what I did there with the food reference.....).

Here is the honest truth about how it all began.

As you will see, I am trainer, coach, psychologist, I am also an author, healer and spiritual teacher. But for many years, I tried different avenues - each of which I loved, but none of which seemed to have quite taken off, despite my reputation as a great trainer, teacher and healer. The people who would come to see me often had little money themselves, and I wanted to help.

I had a weekend where I just didn't know how to make ends meet anymore. I felt like I had tried everything. My knees literally hit the floor in despair. And then I let go. Said "I just don't know anymore". I took a big sigh, knew I had tried my best, and took myself off to bed. 

When I awoke the next day, I sat in meditation. I had an unexpected vision. For a range of cakes, based on healthy organic cakes, free from cane sugar, I had been making for my little boy, cakes that had a couple of weeks previously caused a near riot amongst my friends on Facebook, for all the excitement that they caused - most of my friends had no idea I was a better-than-average cake baker too.

That vision continued to emerge over the weekend, I envisaged the first range, linked to 8 chakras, as well as the colours and the branding. Within a month, I had a website, branding, marketing materials and was delivering my first talk on them. 

And I realised that everything I have learned in my working life has led to this moment. Where my passion for people and business that makes a difference, psychology, training, strengths, coaching, natural health, herbal medicine, nutrition, consciousness, healing, love and the planet all combine, like the ingredients in each of my cakes, to create something beautiful. Unlike anything else. And have the potential to change the world. 

As I look back, I think that every other project I have applied myself didnt quite work out - because my purpose is to do something great with this one. 

And I am ready. 


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