by Charlie Reynolds in Scarborough, , United Kingdom

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The aim of the project is to raise enough funding to launch CONQUER LONDON in a fashionable style. BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE.

by Charlie Reynolds in Scarborough, , United Kingdom


Over the past several years from being a teenager I (Charlie) have deeply contemplated life and what the future holds for me. Ultimately, I have always dreamt of running my very own business with the hope of it being something I pride myself in... as mental health has drastically affected me throughout my life and in most cases determined my outlook of the world, I feel like it's something I can thoroughly invest myself in and prosper as it has changed my life for the greater good, and that's where this very project comes in. CONQUER LONDON is a concept that I created at University, and this year I have decided to act on my dream in an attempt to make my idea become a reality. As the saying goes "if you want something you never had, you have to do something you never did."

CONQUER LONDON wasn't created to simply be a premium-wear clothing brand, but a way of life. Us as human being's are capable of achieving the unthinkable when we believe in ourselves, and when we are brought together we're able to create something truly remarkable. This very clothing brand was intentionally created FOR THE PEOPLE and homes in on the challenges that we are inevitably faced with. The ever-growing goal is to create an eco-system of individuals who are united by their ambition to CONQUER and overcome what's holding them back in everyday life. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it... DREAM BIG, TAKE RISKS AND FALL FORWARD.


Shown below are a selection of computer generated designs to be purely for example purposes to envisage the brand. Updates on finalised creations shall be provided throughout the course of the project on here and shall be available upon launch and to supporters.




As the main theme of the branding is predominantly black, red and white the majority of the clothing available upon launch shall consist of these three colours.

Sizing Options

The whole of the CONQUER LONDON range shall be tailored to adult sizes including; Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large (based on UK sizing versus alternatives). Upon manufacture a size guide shall be provided for customers to compare, although sizes shall be held closely to similar brands for peace of mind.

Designed and Sourced in the UK

Being born and residing in England (UK) CONQUER LONDON shall be working alongside UK-based manufacturing specialists throughout operations. Not only does this provide efficiency in sourcing and delivering stock, but also convenience in finding partners.

What Will The Funding Be Put Towards?

As this is a start-up venture, the initial capital shall be put towards several factors to ensure processes are affectively initiated. These may include maintenance, advertising, documentation, Kickstarter fees, travel and most importantly modelling, online fees and ordering stock. The intention for this was to never be a small-scale operation, but a national/global phenomenon - by gaining the attention of the most inspirational influencers (furthermore the attention of consumers) we'll be able to hit the nail on the head... remember, dream big! Anything surplus to our funding aim shall of course be beneficial, although funding has been solely estimated on the funding presented. 


Remember, this is a start-up venture. This is not a fleet of employees, this is an individual on his own attempting to achieve his dream in the hopes of inspiring others. Updates shall be provided accordingly throughout the duration of this project. 

Any Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or anything you'd like to know in particular please feel free to follow and contact us via our Instagram page at conquerlondon. As the website ( is currently undergoing maintenance Instagram shall be our first point of contact. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lastly I'd like to take my time to say a huge thank you for reading my story - although it may not mean much to some, CONQUER LONDON has been something I have revolved my life around over the past several months and it would be a dream to see it take off in a fashionable style. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!

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