"Pop Up Cafe Random!

"Pop Up Cafe Random!

In The Mix Youth Project' s Cafe Random Rural Project Pop Up! In rural communities for everyone!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Project 

We want to continue to provide and develop our community outreach work , and its resources  This project will deploy a mobile "Pop Up Cafe" in village communities and estates where access to facilities are resticted and where access to public transport is virtually non existent,  catering for all!

As an organisation whose sole focus is that of the service user, we want to make sure that our services provide the best possible support and outcomes for  all ages  This project will  offer somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to; a combination of opportunities to chill, relax, take part, have ownership, learn and engagement  and offer support and advice to those who need it. We provide a space for socialisation  socialise with their friends and access support, linking where appropriate to other agencies 

Methods of delivery will vary dependent on the need of the group, for example street work, support to community volunteers, mobile work from a minibus and awning, or  from a community venue.  Our recruitment will be from individual/group referrals, statutory and voluntary groups, police, Parish Councils, local schools and colleges and local community groups and will be free just to access! Programmes and activities will be offered and needs lead.

Issues Of Rural Disadvantage

In our region, the impact of local authority budget cuts in the local area has greatly affected rural communities. Rural youth services, family support services and support networks all being casualties of the Somerset County Council (SCC) austerity measures. Rural isolation, combined with poor transport services, the lack of post offices shops and the reductions of primary schools  has resulted in disaffected young people and families being unable to access facilities and services or to engage in mainstream provision.

Unique research undertaken over a 15 year period (1998 - 2011) by the Somerset Rural Youth Project, in partnership with the University of Exeter, found that;
• In general, unemployment has risen in rural Somerset since 1998;• Since 2003, rising numbers of young people between the ages of 13 and 16 have no income;• Since 2007, there has been a decline in the availability of part-time work for under16s;• The leisure activities of young people in rural Somerset have not altered significantly;• An increasing number of young people feel that they do not have a say in their village;• Increasingly, young people feel that there are limited opportunities in the countryside in regard to future occupation

Due to this significant reduction in rural support, there is now a need for a coordinated and more integrated approach to youth and community sessions, and the link with family support work that we are hoping to be able to engage with effective referrals in place

 What We will Be Doing

This project would provide essential activity & project funding to support mobile community outreach for ALL ages , that can enable services to be taken into isolated communities in Taunton Deane & West Somerset ( for example the Exmoor Fringe, The Blackdown Hills and Quantock Villages)   providing an open access session, a point of contact & access to Community Development Workers and other services as need dictates. We are fully aware there is very little provision for all generations and this in a small way provides some facility in rural areas on the doorstep!  The project will provide  the opportunity to undertake positive activities that  will be planned with the groups catering for all ages. The benefit of Youth And Community Workers engaging in the programme is that In The Mix Youth Project will be able to network Young People into what dedicated services are being delivered for them in the area, which may be in house or delivered by other organisations.  Sessions will be delivered after daytime  or evening as need arises in each area following a period of reconnaissance an planning to determine which community to launch the Project

During the delivery of the project we will assess the future sustainability and where appropriate seek additional funding for continuation from other funders. Within the sessions we will through delivery we will work with participants around issues od social education, to tackle issues prevalent to local people and communities with the aim of a reduction and prevention of crime through antic social behaviour and personal safety . We will tackle topics such as; anti-social behaviour, bullying, discrimination, stigma, homophobia, crime and dis-order and the intergenerational gap.

In The Mix Youth Project expect the following Impact/Outcomes from the participation in these session

An Increase in community connection and ownership
Increased access to support and resources
Provide opportunities and facilities for young people to fulfill their
Focus on personal safety and reduction and fear of crime through education activities Providing an inclusive range of volunteering opportunities for the
benefit of the individuals involved and to ensure the sustainability of the service  and roviding services and facilities to support the local community.
Working increase the sustainability of the project.
Reducing social isolation and improve mental health and well-being
Enabling and empower individuals to participate in their local community, and promote social integration
Supporting and facilitating access to employment, training, education and volunteering.

Promoting long-term independence and reduce reliance on intensive statutory services

Delivering open access services in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, enabling users to reach their full potential
Recruiting and training volunteers, equipping and enabling them to assist the project which may assist in the project being self supportive in the future.

What The Money Will be Utilised on 

The funding have applied for will pay for Two qualified Youth And Community Workers and additional expenses for volunteers to run the Cafe Random Pop Session. As indicated above this maybe will be located in :-

  • A Village Hall
  • A Mobile Cafe Session utilising our Minibus And Awning 
  • In A Mess Teant 
  • Or A School or Youth Provision 

Everyone community is different so we want to  have the maximum flexibility to be  able to be flexible

The funding will cover building hire, a contribution to our costs of transporting equipment and resources and will provide some money for organising activities and training. 

We will be in a position to deliver about 42 open access sessions in the year 

Any further questions please get in touch with us.