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'The Coastguard's Daughter' will be a lyrical theatre production based on a previously untold true Cornish war-time tale...

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I am a writer and performer from Cornwall. Despite being hopelessly dyslexic I studied for and completed my Master Degree in English Literature from the University of Bristol in Febuary 2015. After which I returned to Cornwall. By Spring 2015  I was working with and cast as 'Rosie' in Trebiggan Theatre Company's production of Cider With Rosie. We performed to rave reviews at The Minack Theatre Cornwall.

At this time I also began to write as a Contributing Author for  Aliljoy is currently in the running for The Blog of The Year Awards. My article Picture Perfect Depression features as one of it's two selected articles for the award. 

The Coastguard's Daughter is based upon a true story of the previous inhabitants of my home and village in Cornwall. After hearing their story I could not let it go. I began working with a local historian and neighbour researching the story futher. After reading through NewsPaper articles, memoirs and military records, I began to write the tale of The Coastguard's Daughter

The Coastguard's Daughter will be a lyrical theatre production based on the true story of the former residents of Pentewan Village, Cornwall during the First World War. It's themes, exploring how the roles and rhythm of daily community life are shifted by war, are universal. The production centres around the McDiarmid Family. When Mr McDiarmid was called away to war, it was his wife and two teenage daughters who took up his mantle as the Coastguards of Pentewan harbour. The Coastguard's Daughter is a piece of original writing, told through lyrical performance and sea-shanty. By raising the money from Crowd Funder, I will use aCornish Director Rosanna Elliot of Canvas Theatre, a local group of professional Shanty Singers Press Gang (, involve more members of the community and a group of professional actors. The performances will take place in Pentewan Church- it's first community event in 15 years. I aim to bring the community together and encourage the use of this building for the community. To share our stories, our history and our hearts.
With your help, lets make this happen! Thank you,
Olivia Lowry

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