The Christmas Dinners 2018

by The Christmas Dinner 2018 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st December 2018 we successfully raised £30,325 with 847 supporters in 56 days

To raise £30,000 to fund joyous Christmas Day experiences for care leavers across the UK, with a dinner, presents and all the trimmings!

by The Christmas Dinner 2018 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Superkids - superheroes

Yesterday was a huge day for raising awareness and progressing the debate about children in care and young people leaving care. 

Lemn was involved in two incredible, inspirational and moving broadcasts that highlighted the challenges, issues and pain that kids in care experience. The response to Superkids : Breaking Away from Care has been phenomenal. It was a truly beautiful documentary that touched the hearts of everyone that saw it. To see the young people tap into their pain and anger and channel it through poetry was something that I felt privileged to watch. Also seeing the support and love they gave each other, the relationships they built with each other and Lemn...brilliant!

If you haven't had the opportunity to see it yet then you can watch it here - Superkids 

Yesterday morning Lemn also did a guest takeover and phone in on Nihal Arthanayake's show on Radio 5 Live. It was a brutally honest and powerful discussion about the affect that growing up in care can have on kids whilst in and after they leave the system. You can listen to it here

Thank you to everyone that watched the documentary, listened to the programme and shared your thoughts on social media. 

A huge, massive, thank you to everyone who has donated to our Crowdfunder campaign and helped us to raise over £10,500. You're fabulous. We still  have a long way to go but we're confident that we will do this for the 800 care leavers who will get a fantastic Christmas Day because of it.

Thank you again, you're all Superheroes!

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