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Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, “The Chimney Sweeps” is a family show with nostalgic airs that brings back the charms of the Victorian era.

We are doing a lot of research for the creation of this show, but in order to develop it, we need to build a piece of scenery resembling a chimney stack, which will be used throughout the performance in several ways to greater effect. We also want to build a backdrop that will help in creating the right atmosphere for the show. The painting for the backdrop is by the artist Daniel Worth ( This is an idea of what we want the set to look like:


The music will be composed by the very talented Christine Palethorpe (, who has already worked with us in other projects.

We will also need to hire the help of a choreographer to clean up the act!

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The image of the chimney sweeps is widely recognised and it brings now good humour to those hard times.The show will make jollies of a romanticised past that was all but jolly. 

It will be a silent show choreographed to an original music score, and it will include original jigs, dazzling acrobatics, juggling and audience interaction. It will be mainly visual, with hardly any spoken language. We estimate the duration of the show to be about 20 to 30 minutes and it will be suitable to all audiences.

The show will have the special appeal of having a very talented child performer, already a member of Equity, the Actors Union, who shows a very engaging relationship with his father and partner in crime.

Circle of Two recuperate a traditional circus and vaudeville experience that has been lost in live entertainment nowadays, which is family theatre performed by a family troupe. We are pushing for the Arts institutions to start recognising and including the work of family theatre made by families, as it really brings a magical element to the theatrical experience. We get great reactions from the audiences in this respect and we believe that this relationship with the audience has great value. 

About our company

Circle of Two is a circus and physical theatre company based in the South East of England founded by Celia Mendizabal and Ralph Taylor. 

Illian Taylor joined the company with small appearances in our outdoor shows at the age of 5. His participation in the company's work has increased gradually over the years. This year he joined Equity, the Actors Union, and he holds now his own Public Liability Insurance. This is a whole new adventure for him and his input in the development of this show is crucial.

Following traditions of popular theatre forms such as circus, puppetry and mime, Circle of Two draw inspiration from a wide variety of artistic genres. Thus they present highly evocative and poetic shows with unique and personal aesthetics. Their work is directed at family audiences and has universal appeal.

To know more about us, visit our website: and Facebook page: for news and events near you.

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