The Children of M'pege

by David Jenkinson in 

The Children of M'pege
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To transport more clothes and toys to the children of M'pege and surrounding villages.

by David Jenkinson in

Two years ago I visited my mother-in-law's family village, Mpege, in Uganda.
There I found the most cheerful and happy bunch of children I had ever met - an inspiration. Yet they are in deep poverty. We bought them clothes and toys which broadened their smiles immeasurably.
But they need more. Basics British children take for granted. Simple clothes and toys.
I have collected donations for the children of Mpege and surrounding villages but I have no means to transport them there. I have Asberger Syndrome. Although diagnosed very recently it has had a profound effect on my life for many years whilst it went undiagnosed. I intended to fund the transport myself but I am struggling to find employment as I learn to deal with the implications of my condition.
Please help me to help the beautiful children of Uganda

Let's make 'The Children of M'pege' happen